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Oh Boysie!

We'll what I did learn about acne: it can be hormonal, stress related, Diet, herditary, medication driven, from makeup, from a telephone handset( not washing it that is), illness, irritant from products....Y0u are in control of where it goes..from mild, bad to worse.....

I could go on for hours!

The truth is you could have perfect(normal) skin you whole life..and then boom one get pimples, acne even sebaceous cysts! STRESS has a big factor..Stressing about your face is stress!

Why? Because your body is always changing. Stress can change everything. Your chemistry can change at any age. The environment can change your skin....To much sun=dryness.....So you buy a moisturizer and it clogs your pores and then you squeeze and presto....More problem!!!!! If we were proactive...maybe less issue would occur.

There is not age limit to catching it sooner.....When it happens all you can do is try and keep it under control. Acne is a skin condition. You get it because it develops. You can control it ages 0-10000......You cannot change your type of skin, you are born with it. Sorry. You can change its condition. Too not be so oily,so dry, so broken out.

Adult acne stinks. I have it. It get oilier skin when I( don't tell anyone lay in the sun). I am not a sun worshiper by any means and love a tan..I know the consequences. I see it a day or two after I am home from vacation and havent been outside....I get blackheads! So then I have to go back mask, cleanse properly, tone, moisturize, etc...It was my doing...

For example...accutane does work to control oil....control production of acne....Does it cure it completely? No. You can still get blackheads...occassional whiteheads....It controls the issue. YOu need to maintain...with a proper skin a professional.

If you over stimulate your skin what do you think the outcome will be? More oil yes.....More inflammation, more activity underneath? if you pop your face....What type of damamge are you doing? Enlarging a pore, infection, soreading infected fluid around to have more, posssibly even getting a sebaceous cyst.

Be careful what you read and hear about. I know you hear posts where someone has found a great method...That is great for them. May not be great for you. Only a professional in skin care will be able to point you in the right direction.

Believe me!!! When there is a cure for getting rid of acne forever you will hear about it! It will be on the news, in papers....It will be the information of the century!

I am not writitng to make anyone feel bad or feel there is no hope....YOu can control this...You just can't keep thinking there is a miracle cure. Not yet anyway!

Good luck :)

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