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[QUOTE=DaOutlaw]I don't think any posters are fully free of red marks on here. They're either here because they have acne or they have scars.[/QUOTE]

I no longer have red marks or consider my skin to be of an 'acne-condition'. I am currently trying to tweak and touch up my diet, fitness regime and internal digestion so that I can remove my allergies, occasional flushing and build up a good tolerance to any future problems.

Getting rid of the acne/red marks isn't the real problem in my opinion (stage 1). It is hard but not achieveable if you are really determined. The real test is maintaining acne free/problem skin (stage 2). In today's modern society and attitudes, once you leave your house for more than a few days, your routine can be abrubtly affected. Maintaining a perfect diet away from home is quite hard. On holiday, excursions, working abroad etc., everywhere you go you are surrounded only by convenience foods. I don't find any difficulty refusing these types of foods (junk food/packaged foods/company produced foods) but I do find it hard to locate the foods I WANT e.g. organic, vegetables, fruits, nuts and so on.

I guess, what I am trying to say is you can't exactly go into a restaurant and order a bowel of organic almonds/walnuts and brazil nuts. Even if you could, I guarantee they would be either salted, roasted, mass produced and low-quality.

But it is promising that getting to stage 1 is achieveable, if only the majority of us would reject corporate mass produced foods and adopt a healthier lifestyle then we would be well on the way to succeeding stage 2.

There is hope....
I have been getin acne since i was 12 and after each and every spot i haev been left with a red mark and it is stil happening now and i am 19.
have orderd some glcolic acid so hopefully this will work at getin rid of all the marks i haev

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