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Help: What is this?
Jun 10, 2004
Hi all,

It's amazing how much one's (read: MY) acne clears up when you don't touch your face, pop ****, and just constantly irritate things. However, with that said, I've had a minor breakout around my mouth (where I usually have almost nothing) which for the most part is clearing up, except there is one thing very annoying that has happened. I'll try to describe best as possible withouth sounding gross :p .

Below my mouth, above my chin, kind of an inch below the corners of my mouth, there are these things that start out just feeling like nothing but smooth, very tender skin. They then develop into HUGE (like, if I feel it, the size of a quarter) things, but at first are basically "under" my skin - they aren't real visible, but I can feel them when I stretch my mouth. As I just let them be, they progressively grow outwards, eventually just becoming huge red marks. They aren't the "typical" zit, as they aren't protruding at all (they don't really "stick out"). But they look like crap, and feel worse, not really hurting, but just an annoying reminder that it's there as I can feel it on my face at any given time.

Now, the funny thing is, I got a few of these (5-7) last summer, and none since. Last summer, I actually tried popping one (or two or three)...BIG mistake. Nothing "popped", and it was just clear "juice" coming out (on a side note - what is this? Back when I popped things, sometimes the ******* would be stubborn and it wouldn't "pop", just this clear stuff seeped out.). After trying to pop them, they became huge red marks, almost an open wound, and I had to neosporin them heavily. But then, after the wound healed, it seemed to be gone. Just a small blemish after things cleared up. But THEN, weeks later, the damned thing would come back (same spot, so I assume it was the same thing).

About a week ago, I got the first one since last summer, and I just let it be. It was a light red blemish, pretty annoying and noticeable, but I just let him be. Now it seems to have "died", but is still an annoying looking thing, and it feels like it's full of crap, but has no feeling to it like before.

All of these seem to be a mass of stuff, like full of puss of something...???

What exactly ARE these?!?

How to take care of them and eventually be rid of them? (So they don't come back weeks later like when I tried popping them)

And finally, why am I getting them this time of year only?!? My guess is it's mental, but I don't know. Could it be from sweating? (I don't sweat a whole lot outside of summer, except when I'm playing hockey, but I never get them in winter, so....?) I don't think it has anything to do with food, because I have the same diet year round for the most part.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated. I just want to figure out what the hell these things are and how to care for them. Thanks much.

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