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I dont know if its acne or not, but i have a sort of flat white bump on the inner part of my mouth like behind the bottom lip. help me! what is it!
I have gotten sore like that before. This happened to me when I bit the inside of my mouth really hard. It formed a painful small bump that looked like a pimple at a head. It went away in less that 5 days though.
Those white spots inside your mouth arn't acne related, and they should go away soon. Just try not to bit them and aggravate them. Not sure exactly what they are though.
Wait a minute how many do you have? If you have more than one I don't think it is the same thing that I got from biting the inside of my mouth.
i have 1. its not huge, but its still decent sized. Its sorta flat.

It started red, now it became white today. It hurts when i touch it
That's probably a canker sore and it will go away on its own. There are over the counter products at the drug store that might help and some people swear by drops made with "propolis", a substance made by honey bees. You can get that kind of stuff at a health food store.

If you start seeing sores inside your mouth like that on a regular basis, you may have a yeast infection called "Candida" (common name is Thrush). It's easily treatable with a prescription anti-fungal mouthwash.
I would say that is almost certainly a canker sore, and if it's turned white, it is possible that it has become infected. You should consult a pharmacist who will be able to recommend a suitable over the counter product. Needless to say, there tends to be a large concentration of bacteria in the mouth, and lingering cankers can become infected quite easily. Whatever you do, try to avoid harassing it with your tongue.

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