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Okay this has frustrated me for a while now. I think i have gotten an OCD from having acne for the last 3 years. So i obsess about my face constantly and always think somthing is somthing

So i have cystic acne along with some whiteheads, and blackheads only on nose. My chin is covered with those flesh colored bumps, which im sure are clogged pores. Well i have been getting these "cysts" these past months sometimes that look different than my normal ones. It started with my chin, in the center of my chin if i look real close i see quite a bit of those clogged pores. Well one will start to inflame or whatever, and becomes a cyst. Well i have been getting this re-occuring "cyst" in the same spot for a while now, that comes to a head and gets pretty big and kinda red. Well it scabs over and i can see other puss filled pores inside it.

This has happend on my cheeks too, both sides. I browse all these boards, and i pass by the herpes board. And see that you can have outbreaks on your chin.........So i instantly think its herpes because i didn't have "cysts" like this before. And since i do sometimes get pimples next to my lips i start beleiving it even more.

So i actually don't know what to think, does anyone else get these types of cysts? Lately i have calmed myself just thinking its the clogged pores next to the inflamed one that are getting "included" i guess you can say with the one that blew up because they were so close.

This sound possible? I have gotten so depressed lately, because i hear about how herpes act this way, and you can see the same with a herpes breakout... So anyone else get these type of cysts, that are different than your normal, cyst?

Thanks...btw i hate acne. :o

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