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an update on my skin.

well after a week of using carleys, i finally broke out. i have been eating terribly (tho i still dont completely believe there is a link), my sleep schedule has been awful, and i drank last night, so that could also affect it.

from having almost no active zits i now have 4 pretty big pimples in 2 days time and a really painful red area on my nose that hopefully just goes away.

i guess it is now time to see how carleys does when i have fresh crap on my face to get rid of. they say not to use any other meds but i cant help but use tea tree oil on a zit when it pops. i also use clearasil ultra b4 i go out because it makes acne less noticable.... but i dont think that caused the breakouts tho.

lol, a girl last night at a party said i was ugly because of these pimples... damnit if they only saw me a few days ago!!

whatever, ill give an update when things get better or worse.

ive been using carleys for almost 2 weeks now.

i just read that i was using it sort of wrong,
i was using the scrub and then the bar soap afterwards... should be other way around.

however, i have broken out pretty bad all of a sudden a few days ago, not sure if i can blame it on carleys because i had a pretty messed up weekend.

after breaking out, the carleys was good in that even tho my skin was breaking out it still made my skin feel really nice and healthy.

the pimples this time were a bit larger but fewer than what im used to when i break out. zits from the first big breakout a few days are now going away and are just redmarks that look ready to fade and i think my skin is on its way to looking pretty clear.

today i will start taking 500mg of inositol a day, because i heard it helps.
i will hold off on using the b5 until i know that carleys isnt going to clear my skin.

so right now.......
carleys bar soap am and pm
carleys scrub am
spring valley multi, vit E, bcomplex, 50mg zinc
and one centrum a day.
500mg twinlabs inositol
tea tree oil on spots, and occasionally clearasil 10%bp
yea i just used the 10% for a while on the spots where there is a zit. not like i caked my face in it. i didnt really notice it making zits go away faster but it made them look less noticeable right away.

i just got pictures developed from a party i went to i think last weekend.
grr, cameras suck!!

i remember having a good time and everything and smiling in the picture, but i look back and the 5 other people in the pic have perfect skin, i have very noticeable acne, and it makes me wish i didnt go the party. there was another picture that was pretty close up, you know where like if anybody saw the picture the first thing they would look at is my acne (especially big pimple right on jawline cuz i was looking up). i hate cameras, i hate pictures, i hate people looking at my acne, i hate looking at my own acne i cant imagine what its like for people who have never had it to look at me...

but anyways, my acne seems to be slowly getting better and my skin looks pretty good except for the scattered but pretty big blemishes. i have a lot of acne still but my breakouts have been smaller this past week. besides washing face and taking vitamins, i have still been quite brutal to my body and acne. too much sun.... too much constant sweating... fatty foods... soda... crazy sleep patterns... popping zits. i start school in 3 weeks, maybe i can change my ways by then, and if not, maybe i can get in a good routine once school starts.

keep on swingin :p
I AM A GUY I tried to see if I could find your email address so I could email you personally because I want to encourage you to get a prescription from the Doc to begin Retinoid Therapy. Point blank, it works and it works very well. I've been using Retin-A Micro 0.1% Gel and I cannot believe the results I am now achieving. I'm the happiest I've been in a long time now and I KNOW it's because of this because I tried EVERYTHING. I've been suffering since I was 16 and at that time I was easily cured with just BP 10% and Clindamycin and that kept me clear till I was 23. I then went back to the Doc years ago and he gave me PLAIN Retin-A (Tretinoin) which was way to harsh and made my skin red, peeling and unbarably stinging. I stopped that and he then gave me Tazorac which worked amazing and cleared me up perfectly after a few months but my face was red and the peeling was uncontrollable after a shower or even just sweating because the dead skin, when it's dead and ready to slough off, absorbs moisture and then the skin comes off. So after a shower I had skin that peeled at such a deep level that it would leave it red. It cleared me up but I knew I wanted to stop because I couldn't handle this abnormal skin redness and peeling. All these therapies are a double edged sword so I was hoping after stopping it wasn't going to return. I was on Tazorac for a total of about 8 mos.

Then, there's me again at 26 years old.. Working out, eating VERY well and feeling great... I was breaking out occasionally with 1 to 3 a week, very annoying zits. I was hoping it would go away and I washed properly and tried BP again to see if that would work. NOTHING. I could visibly see that my pores were cogged on my forehead, around my nose and on my chin. I would especially see them when I would gently stretch the skin in those areas. I knew this was more than a surface problem right then and there. I would squeeze the blocked pores and it was like white silly string coming out of the pores that I could dislodge but couldn't get them all and they just kept coming back again and again....

I then went to the doctors and he put me on Differin and I did that for a month. It started the initial outbreak and seemed that when they were done the red marks would hang around forever. But, it was working. So I decided something stronger but not as harsh at the Tazorac I was on previously years back. I wanted something I would stay on and if it worked I would NEVER stop it again. My skin will be pale because you can't go in the sun on these therapies but I would rather be pale than having zits and blocked pores all the time. I then went on RETIN-A MICRO 0.1% Gel which I asked for from my doctor. Within a couple days of switching from the Differin to the Retin-A Micro I noticed my red marks were fading way faster than the Differin was achieving. I was still breaking out at that level for a few weeks (wks 1-3) and waking up to little whiteheads almost every morning. During those weeks my blackheads were literally being pushed out of the skin and when I washed my face it was like little grains of sand coming out of the pores (MAJOR EXCITMENT KICKED IN THEN). I was still breaking out and it was worse than before the medication but I remained consistant in using it. I even got big zits in areas I normally didn't break out. I pretty much hid indoors for two months from starting the Differin to when the Retin-A Micro made my face in a well enough condition to go out in public again. Then one morning I woke up and didn't have anything new, and the next day.. I didn't get too excited because every other time in years that I start to look good again BAM! more would come out and kick me in the head. After about a week of NOTHING new popping up I knew there was something happening. I looked close up in the mirror like I usually did and observed my pores close up and it was UNREAL how clear they were. Another thing I noticed was how AMAZINGLY soft my skin felt. How amazing my skin felt on my face after I shaved and washed and gently exfoliated the skin with my fingertips when my skin was still wet when rincing the soap off. I can see little balls of skin rolling up and then would just rince those off as well... When I dry my face my skin feels so amazing and so soft and looks so good now close up its unbelievable.

Now after only one month of using Retin-A Micro (remember Differin may have shortened the process) My pores are clear, my skin looks amazing up close and feels so soft and now I realized how many dead layers of skin was built up on my face. I can't go in the sun anymore without sunblock on my face but the sun is permanently damaging to the skin anyways. I challenge you to try Retin-A Micro 0.1% gel and anyone else that has my (mild-moderate) condition and stick to it for the recommended 12 wks. You're skin may have a hard time at first and you'll break out badly for 1-2 months but I'm telling you in the long run this will give you the skin that you desire. Just try it and I guarantee you won't be sorry. My observations during this treatment are that it works by forcing the skin to slough off. Normal acne free skin is drier and allows the skin to slough off my drying and just flaking off like the rest of your body. Our problematic skin, which produces excess sebum, prevents the dead skin to dry up and just fall off which mixes with the oil and BAM you got a clogged pore. When you start treatment it accelerates every pimple you may have had and brings them out right away. That's why sooo many people stop treatment because they think it's doing nothing and I would honestly say 90% of bad reviews are from people not using it properly and not giving it enough time.
my skin is actually clearing up very nicely right now. the only active pimple i have is right below my lip and its pretty big but kinda old and should start going away soon. i have some bumps on my jawline, a few small annoying zits on my cheeks, and then just a bunch of pretty much dead red marks all over from recent breakouts.

to avron - i break out like every 3 or 4 days, but when i do, i usually do for 2-3 days in a row it seems. so i will have 2-3 days of breaking out followed by 3-4 days of clearing up. it sucks.

to tropical lady - when i first saw your name i thought it was topical lady, and i laughed, then checking back down i saw tropical and was disappointed. thanks for the suggestion tho. i dont think i have really bad cystic acne but i do occasionally get smaller cysts and get a lot of nodules that can be like cysts.

to shawn - thanks for sharing. my family doesnt have health insurance and probably never will so i think my only chance of getting any kind of RX is if i go to my university's health center and seeing if they have a doc that can help me out. your post should be encouraging to a lot of people and anyone who is currently trying retin A or micro should read what you have to say.

i must say i have learned an incredible amount from these message boards, lets hope that translates into clear skin.

"Now show me the world as seen from the stars
If only the lights would dim a little
I'm weary about eyes upon my scars"
i am a guy,

I'm a 33 yr old female and have had problem with acne since I was about 15. I've tried everything under the sun. Being an "old timer" when it comes to dealing w/acne, I can offer you some advice. I don't know if it will work with you, but hey, if you're like me, you'll try anything when it comes to acne!! LOL

One thing I have noticed that affects my acne is my diet. Certain foods and drinks make me break out, as you have already found out for yourself. So, just knowing what you "can and cannot eat/drink" will help some. Also, LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER WATER WATER WATER WATER!!!! I know you've heard that a million times b/c I have. But it does help me. Just be consistent with it.

Another thing is using the right cleansers and medications. As you have probably learned, switching cleansers and medications is an on-going ritual with acne. I have come to accept that fact.

I have used Carley's. It worked for me for about 9 months and then for some reason it didn't really work anymore. I used their soap, too. I had to move onto something else.

So I guess that's my advice-diet and using the right cleansers and medications. I know that's no big news to you, but take it from someone who's tried at least 10 different oral medications, 6 different topicals, and Accutane 4 times. I'm not saying I'm an expert on acne, but I've just about figured out how to fight back against it. Also, remember this-everybody has had acne/zits/pimples at least one time in their life. Some of us have it worse than others obviously. But you know what? That is just part of life. That sucks, I know, but that is how I have come to look at it. "Yeah, I got zits/pimples on my face, chest, and back. So what? Like you've never had one before?" That's basically my view on it. Nobody is perfect. You may have bad skin and be in great shape whereas you may know someone who has perfect skin but is not in great shape. We all have our imperfections. Acne is yours (and mine and a lot of other people's). Just do what works for you. Remember, there is no cure for acne, but you can fight it. You just gotta find the right weapons. I'm having a bad spell with mine right now. I've gotten some good advice from the posts on this board that I am gonna try. Take care!!
and one more thing is added to my regimen tonight...


I just went to walmart and picked me up some 100% fruit of the earth aloe vera gel. i got the tip from the 'wonders of aloe vera' thread and im just hoping it can make my skin look and feel better.

i just took a glob of the gel in my hand and covered my face in it completely. its been on for 10 minutes now and is still completely wet all around. i am hoping i can still fall asleep with this stuff on my face.... if it is not dry, my pillow will be covered in it tomorrow because i always sleep on my side...

i am hoping it stays in tact and tomorrow i can 'peel' it off sorta.

another thing, i also picked up a bottle of vitamin A. after a lot of research.. i think i will start taking 25,000 iu of that a day.

right now my acne is a bit more under control. i have been drinking tons of water nonstop for the last week or so and that seems to be helping. i have been drinking less pop, and thats about it. if i start breaking out again everyday, i will try to stop drinking pop... i know that sugar rushes are terrible for acne. right now i have about 5 active zits (a couple on my forehead, which really bothers me) and of course a really big pimple on my chin.. i cant, and never will be able to stop those, for some reason, i always have a big pimple somewhere on my chin. this however is a pretty big improvement from a week and a half ago. my cheeks are almost completely recovered from those breakouts. if i can prevent breaking out real bad for another week, my cheeks will look perfect. = )

current regimen:
400iu vit E
25,000iu vit A
5g b5
2 little biotins
2 bcomplex vitamins
1 centrum
500mg inositol
50mg zinc
tons and tons of water, i piss like 12 times a day i drink so much water.

wash with carleys soap bar 2-4 times a day, depending on how greasy i am.
wash with carleys treatment scrub once a day in the shower

moisturize with murad's skin perfecting lotion (its the only moisturizer ive ever used, dont really know how good it works, but i use it a few times a week whenever my face feels dry after washing.)

next step if all this BS doesnt get rid of my acne is to start eliminating things from my diet.... that is NOT going to be fun. for whatever reason, i am more determined than ever right now to get rid of this crap on my face.

like always, try to help me out if u can. if i can help you in any way, i will do my best to answer your questions.
sorry that last post of mine was so long, i hadnt posted in a while.

after using the aloe last night, i woke up this morning and well... it definitely did not peel off, and i could tell it was on my face but it was completely transparent and not flaking at all. it took forever to rinse it off my face probably because i put so much on. but i then washed my face and it felt really good. i really dont know what to say on how well it works, but i definitely didnt get any new zits overnight which i usually do, and one of my really big zits dried up nicely.

i think from now on i will just put aloe over all the spots i use tea tree oil on. i think that is a good combo because sometimes after repeated use of the tea tree oil, the area gets really red, and i think the aloe would fix that.

and yea i love carleys too when my skin is looking good = )
this is pretty cool. i seriously havent had a really big pimple (the kind i usually get) in about 2 weeks. i have had a few break outs and a few zits but nothing that would take over a week to clear. not too sure what to attribute it to but i would have to say the aloe and the vit A.

one thing i hate is that i have my 2 biggest zits right on the front of my forehead, by far my least favorite place for acne. they hurt and just get really red. if it wasnt for my forehead i would be jumping for joy these past 2 weeks. i really hope this can last. if it comes back like it was before it would be painful.
it has been over 2 weeks since my last entry here, and i must say that after going thru a bad breakout (extreme stress from death in the family was almost certainly the cause) that i have gotten back home and once again started my VitA and aloe and my complete regimen and my skin is already looking better. i feel i have patch of just unhealthy skin right under my eye and i keep getting little zits there and it feels like a big one will come soon. other than that, i just have the small pink bumps along my jawline as usual and a zit on my chin. the rest is just redmarks, so i can say i am still doing well.

just a question for anyone who reads this, if u keep getting zits in the same place, do u leave the area alone from things like bp and tea tree oil as to let the area heal or do u keep putting the topicals on in an effort to keep getting rid of the occuring zits. i chose the attacking method, and i think its gonna come back to haunt me. let me know guys.


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