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i tried the murad thing for a while and had the about the same results has you, helped a little, but didnt really do what i wanted it to. I would try B5 with B-complex and biotin. I have been using it for about 3 months now and WOW, it has almost completly cleared me. My face gets maybe 1 or 2 new ones a week at most, my chest is clearing and my back gets large ones only when I work out. I have heard that it takes longer for the back to clear with B5 because of how large the area is or something, but its working sooo good I cant complain. Also, it may take a month or more of large doses(10 grams a day) to see results, mine took a few weeks, everyone is different. Now if I can just get rid of these scars :mad:
i am once again pretty fed up. it has been a rough day overall for me (why do i have such bad luck) but i wont get into that.

i have a new zit on each of my cheeks and another new one on my jawline. other than that i have a few whiteheads on my forehead which i never really get and the acne on my jawline from over a week ago hasnt compeletly gone away.

i drank a lot 3 days ago and tonight i drank a little and just had 2 huge plates of mexican food. i am really not feeling good and i feel like i am going to break out again tomorrow. my body feels like crap and my face just doenst feel good either. the new zit on my jawline is really itchy for some reason.

i just reordered more of carleys soap bar just so i have plenty when i go to school. the bottle of the treatment wash stuff looks like it could last another 2 months which is awesome. carleys is definitely the best cleanser i have ever used so for now im sticking with it.

but because i was fed up today, i decided to start taking some b5. i just popped in 1 gram and i think i will start taking 1 gram with each of my meals (i will probably do 2 grams a day to start) and see what it can do for me. i know a lot of people say that you need like 10g for it to work but that seems unnecessary to me. so from here on out, here is my regimen.

2-3g of b5
500mg of inositol
50mg of zinc
400i.u. of vit E (i think i need to buy a new brand tho cuz this stuff doesnt seem to do anything)
1 bcomplex
1000mcg biotin
1 spring valley multivitamin a.m.
1 centrum multivitam p.m
i also drink about 64oz of water a day

i wash my face with carleys soap bar 2-3 times a day and the treatment wash once a day.
moisturize with cetaphil in the a.m. and i use murad moisturizer if i ever feel the need to moisturize at night.
right now i am using no spot treatments, via advice from the carleys people.
i still use tea tree oil on the spot whenever a zit pops.

alright people any questions or comments just let me know.
yea acne is rediculous like that, the only way we can find a cure is to guinea pig ourselves....

i know everybody's acne is different and stuff but can u imagine if somebody came out with the perfect cure (better than accutane) how much money the company would make... if 80% of teens have acne, that has potential to make somebody the richest man in the world.

i just really hate how acne seems like it is such a deep rooted problem in our bodies. makes me feel like there is something seriously wrong with the way my body works. i still think its all genetics.....

let me know how everything goes for u pbaby. so far with the vitamins i have taken i think they have helped a lot but im still such an unhealthy person that i htink there is only so much vitamins can do.

some advice i have for vitamins.

zinc is great but i only take it when i break out because if u take it everyday your body will get used to it and will lose its effect eventually. but it definitely helps.

if u are getting vitamin E, make sure you get the natural kind. u can tell the difference if u look on ingredient list... dl-alpha tocopheryl is the processed kind, d-alpha tocopheryl is the good kind.... i guess the L means somethign heh but look this up yourself i am not 100% sure.

be careful with multivitamins because they have iodine and too much iodine breaks you out i heard.

if u are taking b5, take b-complex and biotin with it.
biotin by the way seems like a great vitamin overall.

inositol is a less common vitamin that i use and seems to help my oil... i also heard it helps get rid of hangovers (just heard this on the radio today, not sure what its about) but makes sense cuz it helps your liver.

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