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yea there are a lot of reasons why i take the multivitamin though.

i know some of you guys are gonna freak out but i eat like a pig, a lot of fast food. I figure i need to get all my vitamins from the centrum so i take it with a couple of my meals. although my acne gets kinda bad sometimes i'd still rather live a normal life then allow the condition on my face to completely dictate my life.

why i have acne...

i am outdoors a lot = sun sun sun (i am a caddy so i work outside) which i heard is bad but i think the color on my face makes the acne less noticeable :cool:

bad diet, pretty greasy foods heh

i sweat a lot and for long periods of time (play a lot of casual sports outside)

not a lot of sleep (i wake up at 7am everyday to caddy)

i never have a set regimen, i just usually go with whatever is working best at the time or feels the best but i basically never know what is working.

so as you can see i have many factors here, and yes there have been weeks that ive gone without the vitamins and never notice a difference with anything in my body.

i am still looking for the perfect solution to my problem. something fairly easy and not restrictive but can still get rid of cysts (i have 2 growing right now)
Question: i call them cysts but if they end up having a lot of pus inside them does that just make them big pimples? but they do start under the skin and take about 2 weeks to completely go away. they also hurt a lot especially if its on the chin or somewhere where the skin has to stretch.

ok enough rambling... i should make more seperate posts but oh well.
thanks for the advice on the vitamins, but what multivitamin does everyone recommend? looks like i'll be making another search thru the boards.

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