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yea i just used the 10% for a while on the spots where there is a zit. not like i caked my face in it. i didnt really notice it making zits go away faster but it made them look less noticeable right away.

i just got pictures developed from a party i went to i think last weekend.
grr, cameras suck!!

i remember having a good time and everything and smiling in the picture, but i look back and the 5 other people in the pic have perfect skin, i have very noticeable acne, and it makes me wish i didnt go the party. there was another picture that was pretty close up, you know where like if anybody saw the picture the first thing they would look at is my acne (especially big pimple right on jawline cuz i was looking up). i hate cameras, i hate pictures, i hate people looking at my acne, i hate looking at my own acne i cant imagine what its like for people who have never had it to look at me...

but anyways, my acne seems to be slowly getting better and my skin looks pretty good except for the scattered but pretty big blemishes. i have a lot of acne still but my breakouts have been smaller this past week. besides washing face and taking vitamins, i have still been quite brutal to my body and acne. too much sun.... too much constant sweating... fatty foods... soda... crazy sleep patterns... popping zits. i start school in 3 weeks, maybe i can change my ways by then, and if not, maybe i can get in a good routine once school starts.

keep on swingin :p

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