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I AM A GUY I tried to see if I could find your email address so I could email you personally because I want to encourage you to get a prescription from the Doc to begin Retinoid Therapy. Point blank, it works and it works very well. I've been using Retin-A Micro 0.1% Gel and I cannot believe the results I am now achieving. I'm the happiest I've been in a long time now and I KNOW it's because of this because I tried EVERYTHING. I've been suffering since I was 16 and at that time I was easily cured with just BP 10% and Clindamycin and that kept me clear till I was 23. I then went back to the Doc years ago and he gave me PLAIN Retin-A (Tretinoin) which was way to harsh and made my skin red, peeling and unbarably stinging. I stopped that and he then gave me Tazorac which worked amazing and cleared me up perfectly after a few months but my face was red and the peeling was uncontrollable after a shower or even just sweating because the dead skin, when it's dead and ready to slough off, absorbs moisture and then the skin comes off. So after a shower I had skin that peeled at such a deep level that it would leave it red. It cleared me up but I knew I wanted to stop because I couldn't handle this abnormal skin redness and peeling. All these therapies are a double edged sword so I was hoping after stopping it wasn't going to return. I was on Tazorac for a total of about 8 mos.

Then, there's me again at 26 years old.. Working out, eating VERY well and feeling great... I was breaking out occasionally with 1 to 3 a week, very annoying zits. I was hoping it would go away and I washed properly and tried BP again to see if that would work. NOTHING. I could visibly see that my pores were cogged on my forehead, around my nose and on my chin. I would especially see them when I would gently stretch the skin in those areas. I knew this was more than a surface problem right then and there. I would squeeze the blocked pores and it was like white silly string coming out of the pores that I could dislodge but couldn't get them all and they just kept coming back again and again....

I then went to the doctors and he put me on Differin and I did that for a month. It started the initial outbreak and seemed that when they were done the red marks would hang around forever. But, it was working. So I decided something stronger but not as harsh at the Tazorac I was on previously years back. I wanted something I would stay on and if it worked I would NEVER stop it again. My skin will be pale because you can't go in the sun on these therapies but I would rather be pale than having zits and blocked pores all the time. I then went on RETIN-A MICRO 0.1% Gel which I asked for from my doctor. Within a couple days of switching from the Differin to the Retin-A Micro I noticed my red marks were fading way faster than the Differin was achieving. I was still breaking out at that level for a few weeks (wks 1-3) and waking up to little whiteheads almost every morning. During those weeks my blackheads were literally being pushed out of the skin and when I washed my face it was like little grains of sand coming out of the pores (MAJOR EXCITMENT KICKED IN THEN). I was still breaking out and it was worse than before the medication but I remained consistant in using it. I even got big zits in areas I normally didn't break out. I pretty much hid indoors for two months from starting the Differin to when the Retin-A Micro made my face in a well enough condition to go out in public again. Then one morning I woke up and didn't have anything new, and the next day.. I didn't get too excited because every other time in years that I start to look good again BAM! more would come out and kick me in the head. After about a week of NOTHING new popping up I knew there was something happening. I looked close up in the mirror like I usually did and observed my pores close up and it was UNREAL how clear they were. Another thing I noticed was how AMAZINGLY soft my skin felt. How amazing my skin felt on my face after I shaved and washed and gently exfoliated the skin with my fingertips when my skin was still wet when rincing the soap off. I can see little balls of skin rolling up and then would just rince those off as well... When I dry my face my skin feels so amazing and so soft and looks so good now close up its unbelievable.

Now after only one month of using Retin-A Micro (remember Differin may have shortened the process) My pores are clear, my skin looks amazing up close and feels so soft and now I realized how many dead layers of skin was built up on my face. I can't go in the sun anymore without sunblock on my face but the sun is permanently damaging to the skin anyways. I challenge you to try Retin-A Micro 0.1% gel and anyone else that has my (mild-moderate) condition and stick to it for the recommended 12 wks. You're skin may have a hard time at first and you'll break out badly for 1-2 months but I'm telling you in the long run this will give you the skin that you desire. Just try it and I guarantee you won't be sorry. My observations during this treatment are that it works by forcing the skin to slough off. Normal acne free skin is drier and allows the skin to slough off my drying and just flaking off like the rest of your body. Our problematic skin, which produces excess sebum, prevents the dead skin to dry up and just fall off which mixes with the oil and BAM you got a clogged pore. When you start treatment it accelerates every pimple you may have had and brings them out right away. That's why sooo many people stop treatment because they think it's doing nothing and I would honestly say 90% of bad reviews are from people not using it properly and not giving it enough time.

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