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Yes ive read other ppls posts and like i said i do believe that ppl can breakout from foods that there allergic too or have an intolerance too.I guess i trust dermatologists who specialize in skin diseases more than lay ppl.I even went so far as to stop eating everything but fruit but it changed nothing for me.Right now im am on a low carb diet which means i hardly consume any dairy and i drink large quanities of water but im still continuing to break out.No disrespect to anyone on the board,but until i see proof that acne is caused by food ,i'll believe in what the derms say.I also think that a unhealthy liver contributes to acne.If a good diet can cure acne dont you think everyone would be doing it that way?Im sorry but i would rather rely on someone who knows the ins and outs of how the skin works like a dermatologist.A derm has spent alot more yrs in study than anyone who just researches things on the internet.Thats why they make the big bucks.As i reiterate again i mean no disrespect to anyone on the board ,im stating my opinion like others on here.I continue to breakout no matter what i eat or dont eat.If i thought it was as easy as staying away from some foods i would do it.But like i said before i even tried a juice fast and just water to no avail.Maybe im one of those tough cases i dont know.I would much rather cut out certain foods than have to take antibiotics and smear topicals on my face for the rest of my life.Right now im doing a short term solution and hoping in a few ys i will finally outgrow it.By the way im 47 yrs old,and the only time i was completely clear was when i was on accutane.In the beginning i thought like you do now.But so far nothings worked for me ,so i will still keep on trying.Hope i havent flamed anyone,but i also research things on the internet.So im not exactly unlearned.Im the kind of person if im going to have to cause a radical change in my lifestyle im going to research it first.Just like i have done the research on low carbing.I dont jump into things easily.Ive heard things like stay away from choc ,fried foods ,sugar but none of that helped me.This is just my opinion i wish i was wrong.On a low carb diet you cut out alot of foods that they say cause acne,but yet here i am still breaking out.I dont eat chips and cookies and milk and french fries and cakes ,but i still break out.I dont drink soda which i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee but im still breaking out.On this board ive read alot more sucess stories about ppl who have went the dematologist way and got clear,than ppl who have changed there diet and got clear.If food is causing the acne why are so many ppl on this board taking harmful drugs to try and get rid of the acne?Are they all just lazy,i dont think so and it seems to me that is what is implied by ppl who think that acne can be cured just by stopping eating certain foods. You cant have it both ways.I do believe that ppl can have an allergic reaction to certain foods much like ppl who get hives.I respect everyones opinion and hope they will do the same for me.I starting getting acne in my adult yrs mostly on my chin which i believe is do to overtly hormonal problems,so changing my diet anymore than i have is not going to help me.Thanks for replying to my post.But we must agree to disagree.Take care.
Luisa i didnt want to let you think i ignored you post so i decided to reply to you.You mention nutritional healing what did you mean by that?Did you mean by cutting out junk food and taking herbal stuff.If so ive tried that.I took 2 different herbal routes.I first tried natures cure which if you know anything about is loaded with all kinds of herbs specially for skin problems.I also tried something called hepanacine which was a herbal remedy,neither stopped me from breaking out.I am on a lowcarb diet and am now staying in the induction phase.Thats means there are alot of foods im not allowed to have,mainly any kind of junk.What prompted me to post in this venue was that i saw quite a few posts about ppl crying what shouldnt they eat.And im thinking its probably not your food.There are alot of adults on here who have acne and some not till later yrs like me.And i wonder why, dont most adults eat better when there older because weve learned more?I know i eat better now and i choose more wisely but yet here i sit afflicted with acne.Its really embarassing at 47 when i have one sibling younger than me and one older than me with clear skin.What am i cursed.Sorry for the rant.Take care.
Joquiero bout the juice you would think that something like juicey juice which claims to be 100% natural wouldnt break you out. The point i was trying to make was my abstention from food should have healed me up.I think alot of ppl who respond to accutane well ,and why it does have such a high sucess rate is because most acne is hormonal.Like i said before there are those ppl who seem to do well with accutane or spiro and it doesnt have anything to do with food.But because those drugs interrupt the natural processes going on in the body.What i said is that i dont think food plays as big a part in curing acne as some ppl say.I do believe that hormones and bacteria in the body cause most of acne problems.But i do know that there are allergies and food intolerances that ppl have that cause and allergic reaction.It doesnt take much to contract some kind of bacteria in your body,and you not be aware of it till it mutiplies and causes symptoms.Im taking medications that i have to take that i know could effect my liver function.But i have to take them.My idea is that acne is caused by toxicity in the liver ,hormones or allergies,not so much food.I believe my problem lies in 2 catagories.My hormones because im am post menopausaL ,and my liver is not in the healthiest state because of medications.Take care.

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