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[QUOTE=Mr.Bojangless]right now im just using a normal soap, but im getting some cetaphil today. also im using minocin and differin gel once a day. will the switch to cetaphil do anything for oil?[/QUOTE]

No it won't, i think it made my skin worse. I don't have any prescribed topicals or pills. I had really oily skin and cysts out the arse about a month ago. Well about 2-3 weeks ago, i gave up moisturizing. I was doing that twice a day which was causing more oil. I might use some once on a day that my skin might be real dry. Right now im using Clearasil acne bar. It works AWESOME. It dries my skin, but i let it dry it out and don't moisturize. All my cysts and whiteheads dried up. And now i still get whiteheads everyonce and a while, but cysts have gone from 6-8 at a time to maybe 1-2.

Acne bar, or Basis Bar with chamomile both work good, and dry pretty good. People might say that drying it out will cause your face to over produce more oil, but that is not the case for me. I have been dealing with cystic acne for 3 years now, my face looks the best it ever has using these 2 bars. Regular soap can clog pores, don't use that on your face. Also if you have body acne, head and shoulders does the trick. I guarantee it will help that. I read about that on these boards, and gave it a try. It works wonders. Good Luck..

Wash twice a day, morning/night or morning/late afternoon. Try not to touch face, or wipe it off. It will start to stop. Took me 3 years to start learning about my face...sigh..oh is now..GL again.

EDIT: About the cetaphil, it kinda helped my acne, but the oil, i feel increased a bit using it. Use something that dries your face out. If you want you can mosiurize..but onely once a day. I guarantee you'll see a difference.)

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