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Re: Soothbeam Diary
Jun 25, 2004
[QUOTE=kippy6]Hi turbonamja - Thanks for the info. I took a look, and that was very interesting. You'd think they wouldn't put it on the news if it weren't true. Even the news portrays it as a wonderful new treatment. Either the media is helping to paint a "too perfect" picture of Smoothbeam, or it's really working! I wonder if Smoothbeam works better for acne than scars, or maybe the vice versa. Wish I could get some statistics on that. Please let me know how your treatments go. I'm still waiting to hear from Mich2 also! I keep hoping there is someone who can give me a good report on seeing improvements in their acne scars from using Smoothbeam.

Trinity - I can relate well to paying lots of $ for something, and not getting the results. How many treatments did you have? I don't know anything about Smoothbeam. I'm just looking for a miracle-cure for acne scars. But like someone said, there doesn't look like there is a foolproof cure for acne scars. I'd like to hear more about your experience. When you first started Smoothbeam treatments, did you do it for acne and/or scars? Did you see any improvements at all in acne or scarring? How many treatments total did you have?

You guys have a great day! And thanks for all the info!

Don't waste your money Insurance doesn't cover anything, they just say that to get you into the office mine said that too, and guess what ~gasp~ it didn't cover any of it. It cost 200 a session I had 8 nothing looked different. I have or had mild acne with scarring, it wasn't until I used Accutane that it cleared right up and the redness went away. NO side effects and no painful snapping of a needle as it sticks into your skin every sec for ten minutes. Very Painful.

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