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Re: Soothbeam Diary
Jun 21, 2004
[QUOTE=kippy6]Hi there. I feel my skin may be in the same condition as yours. I also have an olive complextion. I'm 37 years old. I have some acne scars left from Cystic Acne. I have been acne-free for 3 years now, but as I get older and my skin loses some of its elasticity, I'm noticing more scars. Most of the cystic acne I had earlier in life didn't appear to damage my skin. Now it's evident that it did.

Wonder if this is one reason people have face-lifts? I keep thinking if I could stretch my skin tightly that these scars would disappear. Have you heard how dermabrasion works? I'm concerned about seeing permanent circular brush strokes on my skin, and wonder if there is a lengthy down time with that.

I just want to find out what is the most effective procedure/treatment out there. I've never heard of Smoothbeam before. Could you tell me more about this? Is this a form of dermabrasion? When did you feel comfortable going out in public after this procedure?[/QUOTE]

Here is some information for you. I am going to have this done also next month. Hopefully I will see great results.


The Smoothbeam laser emits a beam of light that will shrink and alter the sebaceous glands underneath the skin. These are the glands that produce the oil that feeds the bacteria which cause subsequent inflammation. Instead of drying out the skin (Retin A and benzoyl peroxides) or killing the germs (oral antibiotics) or drying up the oil production on a short term basis (Accutane), the Smoothbeam laser actually alters these glands. Since oil production is decreased, there is no need to kill any bacteria or produce any further surface drying. The Smoothbeam laser emits the longest wavelength for this purpose, and thus penetrates to an exact level to selectively alter these glands. This is the first FDA-approved laser available for this purpose. A reduction in lesion count may be seen immediately after the first treatment and may continue to be seen with subsequent sessions. During initial studies, even six months after the completion of therapy, there was up to 100% decrease in lesion count in some patients. In addition, Smoothbeam has also been FDA approved for the treatment of acne scarring! It stimulates the underlying collagen to grow more and fill in the scar! No other laser treats active acne lesions while improving old scarring at the same time!


The Smoothbeam laser emits a beam of light that will stimulate your collagen to grow. The actual treatment is preceded and followed by a gentle cooling spray which will reduce any discomfort. Once this collagen grows, it will help fill in wrinkles at the treated sites, and may help fill in acne scars as well for the very same reason.
This treatment is non-ablative, and there is virtually no risk or downtime. You may immediately return to work, school, or other social activities. The Smoothbeam differs from other lasers for this purpose because it currently has the longest wavelength currently available for the deepest penetration into the skin. The N-Lite laser only has a wavelength of 585 nanometers, and the CoolTouch II only has 1320 nanometers. Only the Smoothbeam laser has the longest wavelength of 1450 nanometers which will give the deepest penetration into the collagen.

No test dose is necessary, the treatment is virtually in apparent, and the collagen regrowth will occur slowly and in a gentle yet effective fashion. [/I] [/COLOR]

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