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I have always wondered this... I was on accutane for some time about 3.5 years ago and it cleared my face up in a way i've never been able to replicate any other way. However, I was one of those people who suffered from horrible mental side effects (depression, massive paranoia, mild hallucinations probably from previous two symptoms) from the accutane, so when my acne came back (much less severe than before) a year or half a year or whatever it was after I had stopped taking accutane I didn't want to start taking it again. since then i've stuck to a couple prescription topical gels/creams, antibiotics, and a healthier lifestyle to keep my acne from getting bad.

my acne is mostly mild now, but is there some method/substance to mimic the perfectly clear skin I had while on Accutane with no chance of suffering from side effects like the ones I experienced while on Accutane?
And also, why did I suffer from those horrible mental side effects?

I'm just curious because my skin looked so great then (I have no idea why either as I don't know much about Accutane) but the mental side effects were far worse than my horrible acne ever was. anyhow, information is greatly appreciated thank you

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