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Okay, I'm just about to finish month 3. Hmm, is my skin better??? I dunno, but it's definately not worse. I went to Vegas during the first week and I was breaking out with little pimples everyday (could've been the BCP or cosmetics); I know DEFINATELY that I had an allergic reaction to the sunscreen I bought because I developed a huge rash on my face.

Got back home and trashed all my acne products and started using skincare for sensitive skin and my face has been looking lots better. Besides using the sensitive line I have been using a gentle exfoliant and bentonite clay mask twice a week. During my period I only got 2 little pimples (all red at the moment cause I picked them... stupid me). I'm not clear yet. I don't have flawless skin; I have a lot of red marks that are healing and I'm still breaking out with 1-2 pimples a week but they are usually small. I just started using a new sunscreen today (Vanicream) and I'm hoping I will not have an allergic reaction to it, it's suppose to be very good for sensitive skin... oh sigh..

Skimom: I'm sorry about your daughter not doing so well. I don't know much about BCPs but I have read/heard that some people don't do so well on BCPs that fluctuate during the month... maybe you can look into that??? Stable hormones are supposed to be better for women with PCOS, PMS and mood problems... I hope your DD does better during month 4...

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