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Hello all, allow me to introduce myself, I'm an 18 year old male from new york and I like you have the beast of acne. The disease. It started when I was about 13 and gradually got worse and worse... and worse.... I went on Minocin, tetracycline, I don't know just tons of and nothing worked. My brother was the same way except his acne was possibly as severe as it gets. Like very very very bad. Anyways, he went on accutane, and got cleared like many others, and now I would say he has close to perfect skin with very little scarring as I think his was so bad he just dealt with it and didn't even touch it. Well about a year and a half ago I visited a derm for the first time and asked her if I could go on accutane. My brother experienced no side effects except a rash here and there and chapped lips. She was all for it and so the adventure of accutane began.

My first cycle (6 months) was amazing. It got bad in the first month but cleared up tons in the second and ALL GONE in the third. I mean drink almost everynight, party, don't wash my face, barely any dryness, just amazing. (However, no matter how hammered I was I remembered to take my pill lol. I could be so wasted I don't even remember the entire night, but those pills were always missing). In short accutane was my saviour. I would look in the mirror and actually jump up and cheer. Like thank god for every moment of clear skin I had. I would sit there, put my hands together look in the sky and just say thank you like 50 times. I mean let me put it this way, I was the whole package without accutane, amateur bodybuilder, weightlifter, quite possibly the most popular/goodlooking guy in highschool. I don't mean to brag but it's a message board so why not, I'm not trying to be arrogant I would never say this to someone else. I was literally on top of the world, and I was happy. God I wish the story could end here but I wouldn't be posting this right now if it did now would I?

SOOOOO.. the summer goes by last year and I remember getting off it in september. Sh.t got even better after that. All the side effects had gone now and on top of that my skin was clear. Then... I know you won't believe this and will think I'm nuts, but it happened like in one day. Like a vicious virus or something. The smallest thing, something I had done a million times before. I was going out to the city to hit the clubs up as usual (fake ID of course), and I shaved.......i shaved.... that's it. I f.ucking shaved. I looked in the mirror afterwards and there was like a combination of razors bumps/acne all over my face. I was in a rush and didn't think much of it, so i just threw some coverup on it.
(YES I use coverup and if your a guy and think it's gay or whatever, your an idiot, coverup is almost completely undetectible and in the clubs it's amazing, I love the **** and to this day have like 5 of my friends using it lol, you really can't tell if you rub it in enough, USE COVERUP GUYS)
Anyways, I threw coverup on and just went out, but like it was so bad you could still tell, which is something i wasn't use to. Then after that night, like a f.ucking plague it spread. It spread and spread and got pretty damn bad. So I set up a derm appointment and told her I gotta get back on accutane again. She said that's fine and that 2nd cycles are normal and this one should clear me up for good.

So I went back on and 80 mg the first month and for the first month it cleared up a lot at the beginning but then I broke out in about the third week. So during my month derm appointment she like last time upped it to 100 mg. now i thought to myself, perfect it's going to go away, and I would literally think it woudl be gone in like a week, and it did get a bit better. But then I fregin broke out again right at about the 7th week. So I went back again and said, alright can you please put me on 120 mg a day. So she was nice about it and did. Now this was about 3 weeks ago, and this is my situation now. I went from what you know about me so far to this.

When I started 120 about 3 weeks ago I broke out. However, this was like no other, this was the absolute by far worst break out i have ever had. Acne ALL surrounding my mouth and brutal brutal dryness where the acne is. Because that is what accutane does it dries up specifically where the acne is. Well now I must say I am devasted. I have neglected everything in my life including quitting my job and just running away from life. I am hiding out even right now and am just so upset up this I cry and pray almost every night. I look in the mirror now and literally want to grab my face and tear it off. Too have acne was one thing, but then to be clear and have it come back.. my god.. it's the worst thing in the entire world. I am very depressed right now and the only thing keeping me from committing suicide is hope. (NO this is not the suicidal side effect they say accutane gives you, it's the acne) I really hope that Accutane will rid myself of this disease again and I can have my life back. Life the way it was meant to be. I know it is just a matter of time. I know accutane will not let me down.

Anyways, guys if you have any questions/concerns I would be happy to try and answer them since i know quite a bit about accutane. However, any accutane users that could help me figure out how to contain this virus, and what to do to stop the spreading and get my life back. Your advice would be appreciate.

Don't be shy, lets shed some light on the wonderful friend Accutane. If you don't get side effects like myself, that's exactly what this is.

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