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hi, just wanted to share, I went on accuatane last july 2003, and i finished dec 2003, i have been clear for over 6 mo now. I do get the occasional pimple, but i do not get the cysts or nodules at all, so there is hope.

I noticed about these boards,that as soon as people clear up they never return to the boards. So you do not hear the good stories. When I was on last yr on a regular basis, there were the same people day after day, now i do not see any of their names, only new names. So most likely like me they are clear! If you are clear, why come here, I am going on a cruise next mo. so of course i go to those boards not acne boards,, ya know

I really felt like my life was on hold last yr. I was 25 then. I was very unhappy, i wanted to crawl under a rock and die. Now I lead a normal life. :)

I do still use acne products such as proactiv, mary kay blemish products, and neutrogena. I use them as preventitives. My face can still be oily (but no wheres near to what it was like)

I also switched to yasmin BC which i think helped.

I had acne for 10 yrs. Proactiv helped for 2 years, then i developed hormomal acne, but i didnt know it was hormonal (i had huge cysts on my chin and jawline) so i stopped proactiv all together to see if something else would work. Big mistake my whole face exploded.

So basically there is hope! I do highly recommend accutane if all else fails!!!

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