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I've seen this issues mentioned a few times recently on this board, about changing your pillowcase more often.

I sleep on my right side (so right cheek), and had noticed it was breaking out ridiculously badly. Heard that people with acne prone skin should change their pillowcase more often, as the oils in their skin (and products in their hair) buildup and get pushed right back onto the skin night after night.

I actually now change my pillowcase every night. I just have a stack of them sitting on a shelf in here and before I go to bed I take the old one off and put the new one on. It's gotten to the point now where my right cheek is not even badly broken out. It's now my left cheek! Which I attribute to the fact that while my right cheek touches the clean pillowcase, my left cheek touches the sheets or blanket, which is obviously not changed daily.

Sleeping on a clean pillowcase sure can't hurt. I've also heard that when it comes down to it, a satin-type pillowcase is the best to use. Because they absorb less oil, and you can see what has been absorbed. Regular cotton pillowcases are next in line, with flannel being the most absorbant and therefore worst. If they are being changed daily, it probably does not matter. As it is, mine are mostly cotton with a few flannel thrown in.

Now, aside from the pillowcase issue...I've lurked around this board for a few weeks now. My story is:

21 year old female. Have been going to the derm since I was about 12 years old. Have used just about everything, Differin, Retin-A, Benzaclin, Doxocyline, other oral ABs, other topical ABs...there have been so many over the years I can't even remember their names. Finally have run just about the entire line.

I have mild to moderate acne, oily skin...some cysts on cheeks, mostly blackheads on forehead, chin and nose. I was never given accutane before as it wasn't for my type of acne, according to my dermatologist. Only recently did I start getting cysts, it was previously all blackheads and oil pocket type things.

Was finally put on Accutane a few weeks ago. Started off at 40 mg per day, and experienced a pretty bad headache for 3 days straight. Went off it for about a week and started at 10 mg per day, day before yesterday. No headache this time. It's a ridiculously small amount, but my derm says that we may be able to build up to the larger doses this way...and it basically came down to trying the 10 mg because if my body didn't react well, we would know I just couldn't take accutane. I should apparently be on about 60 mg per day, according to my weight.

Of course, along with Accutane I'm on BCP...Yasmin. My face is actually clearing up now, even only a few days into the Accutane treatment. I assume its from the Yasmin, of which I'm on the second week of the second pack.

In preparation for going onto Accutane, I stopped using the more harsh cleansers and things that were for oily/acne-prone skin, and switched to gentle moisturizing things. Have been using the Purpose gentle foaming/moisturizing cleanser, along with Cetaphil moisturizer w/SPF15, and regular Cetaphil lotion for the rest of my body. Have also been using Chapstick and Aquaphor for my lips, of course.

The Yasmin at first broke me out badly....I guess like the initial breakout. Has improved since then, especially with the change in products. It's been so long since my face was well-moisturized! It's weird.

Anyways, those are my issues. Yasmin seems to be working out well, although I do have the breast tenderness while taking the active pills and it has given me crazy mood swings a few times.

I think that about covers it all. This board is really interesting, I've learned a lot from reading other people's posts here.

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