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Jun 19, 2004
He people, I have been reading this message board for a few days now about Differin and a lot of people seem to say it mostly didn't work for them. Is there anyone out there that it has worked for?

In the past I have tried (Stieva-A) Tretinoin and Tazorac. Tret was extremely irritating to my skin and the flareup seemed to never end even after months so I stopped that. I then went on Tazorac which worked so much better to clear up my face. But, I couldn't just wash and dry off from a shower due to flaking of skin when dry. I had to use a facecloth to gently run the skin off when my face was still wet at the end of the shower. It still irritated my skin making me red for hours after a shower. But, I couldn't just dry off and walk around with dry dead skin hanging from my face. It was like visible dandruf on my face. So I lived with the redness for a while and when the acne stopped and my face looked great I stop applying so I could enjoy "normal" skin agian. It's been slightly over a year now since any treatments and the past months have been increasing in more breakouts. So that leads me to day 3 today on an attempt to try Differin and hope it is a more tolerable treatment so I could continuously use it for the long run.

[B]And now...[/B]

I'm currently on Day 3 of Differin treatment and I notice a little peeling around the corners of the nose and it seems like the blackheads in various locations are being pushed out which I kind of remember was the same reaction with the previous treatments. I would suspect this to be the initial flare I've been reading about. My skin feels noticibly soft and there is no current redness what-so-ever (crossed fingers).

I'm wondering if there are people that it worked successfully for that could tell me there story and what I could expect in the next coming weeks/months? Can you give an approximate timeline of what happened? I'm also not using with any antibiotic. Just wash twice a day with a Neotrogena bar and after washing at night I apply thing layer of Differin. Want to keep irritation to a minimum.

Thanks in advance.


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