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Well it is my first derm appointment this week. I really dont know if this guy is any good, or whatever but i cant be picky, cause insurance covers most of it. Im just really nervous cause i dont know anything about what products or pills he may subscribe, ill let you guys know.

REally lately acne has just taken over my life. I know you people say, dont let it do that to you etc. But im such a self conscious person to begin with, so acne has just killed me. I dont go out really, just to work and home and activities that are by myself. I cant help it, i tried and tried, but i cant deal with other people when my face is like crap.

Im on proactiv now, just started it. MY main thing is that it is weird, my skin from last year to this year, big change as it seems in the pictures. So finally i did it and made an appoitment for profession help after i noticed looking very closely in the mirror the areas that go and come back are starting to pit my skin very little.

I just dont want it to get worse. Well hopefully i get something that can help and not make it worse. WIsh me luck ,im nervous as hell. Im a 21 year old male

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