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I've read all of your wonderful stories about Spiro and the miracles it has done for your face...I was so optimistic when I first started it 5 weeks ago. However, my faith in spiro is slowly diminishing. Over the last five weeks, I've had some of my worst breakouts. I'm in the midst of one right now, and it isn't pretty. I guess I'll blame it on period week. I'm taking 25mg/ twice a day along with Yasmin. So that should equal about 70mg total. It just doesn't seem to be cutting it. I've noticed there is a slight, very minimal oil reduction. Also my forehead and upper cheeks are looking pretty good...nice and smooth. However, my same old problem jawline and lower cheeks are still flaring up big time.
Now what to do....has anyone had a similar experience? I'm going to back to the derm on Thursday. Any suggestions for me? SHould I see if I can get my dosage upped? Or maybe try to switch birth control pills? I just don't know. I really was counting on Spiro to pull through for me. I talked to my derm a few weeks ago and he said he'll have to take a look when he sees me and perhaps I can do low dose accutane. I'm so afraid of accutane from all I've heard and read. I just want to scream!!
I feel so ugly, gross, unattractive. I don't want people to see me...even my boyfriend. This face stuff is really starting to take it's toll mentally.
Please, please help.
take care.
How long was it until you noticed your oil reduction from Spiro? What dosage are you taking daily? I've heard all wonderful things about Spiro, that I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that in just a matter of time things will look better. Maybe my dosage is too low.
I'm in the midst of one of the worst breakouts I've had in awhile. I've recently done a few things differently the last few weeks, which maybe have contributed to it. Who knows. I make myself crazy racking my brain about what to do and not do.
Right now I"m really debating about switching bc's again. I was on Ortho-try for years...with much success. About 3 years into it, I started breaking out mildly. Then it got progressively worse...flucatuating between mild and moderate weeks. Clear skin was far and few. Last October I switched to Yasmin and it's definitely been a bumpy ride. February and March were good months to I thought for sure Yasmin had worked it's magic. But Bam..come April...the ridiculous cycle of breakouts started again. I'm just SO confused!!

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