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Well i have tried GNC, Twinlabs and Solgar. I was on b5 for about 3months, and about 2 weeks ago i quit.

I started out with GNC (bad brand), was only taking 4g's a day for about a month and a half. No oil reduction, so i went to twinlabs brand, taking 10g's a day for month and a half, maybe less. Still oily, and cysts still present. Well i went to solgar brand, which are 550mg pills, so i was taking 11g's a day. The oil was still kinda there, but nil cysts. Now i thought b5 was suppose to stop oil, not stop cysts. So now 2 weeks later after stopping solgar, i have quite a few active cysts now. So maybe my face was less oily on it, not sure. So i ordered two more bottles, (2 weeks supply) and if my cysts go away, Solgar is gonna make quite a bit of money off me. :P

However, i started a new job monday :bouncing: , and they pay 100% for my insurance. So in 3 months ill be able to visit a derm for the first time in 3 years. Hopefully he/she can help me out more than these boards and myself have been able to do.

Anyways, about the zinc, i had no idea b5 effected zinc levels, i take 25mg a day, i spit a 50mg pill in half. So i think that might be sufficient. Just buy you the pills stand alone. Buy b5 (id say try solgar first), a b-complex, biotin, and zinc. You can get the zinc in 50mg, and you can take that once a day if you with, but try to stay at 50 or less. Biotin..mine are 1500mcg, i split them into halves and take the half with each of my b5 doses. 5/5/5/5. You can't overdose on that so that is fine. (3000mcg) And take one b-complex vitamin a day too. The biotin and b-complex work to keep your hair strong, and not dry it out. Also helps keep your b-vitamins from depleting one another.

Do what i said, and try it for a while, maybe 3 weeks and you should notice a diff. Some side effects might be diarrea, gas, chest pressure (relieved by burping..this was a short passing sideeffect). Now, i had diarrea (or pretty soft, lil more consistant than diarrea the whole time i was megadosing b5. Its somthing that is inconvienient, but you can live with it. Its not the kind, where you can laugh and go in your pants type thing. :P

Anyways..give it a shot, if you don't go with solgar then use twinlabs (no effect for me) or some other, maybe even the one you posted about. But not GNC, id say go with solgar first. allstarhealth = rymes with sheep.

Good Luck :wave:
Thanks for the reply! Question, do the b5 vitamins have a bad taste to it? I cannot swallow pills...I will be chewing all of them at a time (my husband says there is no way I will be able to do this on a daily basis but I'm determined!)

Is this pretty much what I need to do each day...

Take 5 b5 vitamins in the morning, before lunch, before dinner, and before bedtime AND 1/2 of a 1500mcg pill of Biotin each time.

Take one b-complex vitamin with one of my b5 doses and one zinc pill (25mg) with one of my b5 doses as well?

Also, what do you think of taking primrose in the evening? Someone suggested that I do this to balance my hormones(they said they don't think b5 will help if my acne is hormonal). As stated I think my acne flarer-ups may be hormonal due to the fact that my skin always remained clear with each of my 3 pregnancies.

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