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B5 - Please Advise!
Jun 22, 2004
I am a 25 yr. old female with mild to moderate acne. I've had acne since age 11. I have tried everything under the sun including Accutane although I didn't stay on it for more than 1 month. The last few years I have been able to control my acne to a certain extent but I still have sporadic breakouts. I believe it's a hormonal thing b/c with each of my 3 pregnancies my skin was at its best...virtually no breakouts and this was when I was eating all kinds of junk food. After each pregnancy my skin retured to its 'norml' behavior a few weeks after I gave birth.

At this time my main problems are discoloration/dark spots from previous pimples and large pores on my inner cheeks and nose. I started using EpidermX a week ago and it has resulted in my skin feeling much softer, less oily, with less breakouts. In fact I only have 1 small bump as of right now. So, I am mainly looking to get rid of the discoloartion, tiny holes on my cheeks and nose, and maintain clear skin.

For the discoloration I plan on using Tri-Luma creme. I had great success with it long ago when I tried it. It faded the dark spots that I had at that time (some were very bad) within a few days although it made the area treated lighter than the rest of my skin. I believe this was due to using too much of it on those areas.

With regards to the large pores (which is what is bothering me the most) and maintaining clear skin I have decided after reading many testimonials to use b5. I plan to start with 6mg and work my way up to 10mg if necessary.

Here are my questions...

1. Which brand do you recommend the most? Solgar? TwinLab? I have read that the GNC brand is not so good.

2. Considering the topical creme Tri-Luma has Retin-A in it, will this be safe to apply to my face while taking b5?

3. I read testimonials where some people stated the b5 resulted in hair damage. My hair is thin as is so what can I take to avoid this problem and how much of it do I need to take each day? Is there something else I would need to take in addition to b5 (aside from whatever I need to take for my hair) It seems a few people take a b-complex with it??

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