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Hey everyone, I was around these boards about a year and a half ago when I went though my first course of accutane (40mg a day for 5 months Jan-June) It cleared me up completely and people often complemented me on my "baby skin." Life was beautiful!

I was scared to death that the acne would come back and unforunately, it did >cringe< The acne began to resurface so I started taking spiro for a while, which worked well but I had some side effects so I eventually quit taking it and before long the acne returned again >hiss<

I'm now on my first month of my second course of acctuane. I was on 20 mg and until today and I've bumped up to 40mg. I'm starting to dry out and all the acctuane aches and pains are coming back:( ...along with the all too familiar, "What's going on with your skin again? It used to be so nice!" comments. Yeah....thanks.

I've always suspected that I may have hormone imbalance and still believe my acne is linked to this. I have a variety of other symptoms that lead me to beleive that this may be the case so I've spent a good amount of time reading up on synthetic/natural hormones and acne.

My thyriod has been tested twice with normal results; however, other hormone imbalances can mimic thyroid dysfunction so I'll be testing my hormone levels next month.

What works best for me on acctuane:

-moisturizing purpose face wash morning/night
-mineral make-up (love this stuff)
-drinking obscene amounts of H20
-moisturize with jojoba oil 2x a day
-burts bees chapstick or vitamin E oil for dry lips

Feel free to ask any questions. Hang in there everyone, a clear day in somewhere in our future! -Ms Peace

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