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Hello all,

This is my first post after reading this board over several months. Hopefully this won't be to long. My situatation is this: In my teenage years I had on and off moderate acne. I took accutane when I was 21-22 years old. It worked great and controlled my acne for 10 years. Almost two years ago my face became irritated with redness and began breaking out (including huge cysts). It has been persistantly broken out (some weeks better, others worse) during this time. I am now 35 and had come to the conculsion that I may have to take accutane again. I don't want to as I have fears of health issues (liver problems, etc.). I have tried many different cleansers, soap, ointments, chemical peels, etc. with no success.

After reading several posts of using vitamins to combate acne, I decided to give it a try. Seemed people were trying Pantothenic Acid and Inositol (although I hadn't read anyone taking them together....). It made sense to attack the issue internally and cut down on the excess oil that curses my face and I believe causes pimples in the first place. I have to admit I am only on my second week of this routine but my face looks the best it has in two years. Not as many breakouts and the redness has decreased. Hopefully the results will continue and it will be a lasting solution.


[U]one multi-vitamin [/U] (One a day Healthy Weight - Walgreens brand. Same as One a day brand). I chose this multi-vitamin because I wanted to get some of the B complex along with Vit. A & Zinc without overdoing it with too many other unwanted ingrediants - aka centrium.
[U]one 500 mg Inositol[/U] (GNC brand)


[U]one 500 mg Inositol[/U]
[U]four 500 mg Pantothenic Acid[/U] (GNC brand) - I begin with one when I started and upped it every other day till I was talking four.


[U]one 300 mcg Biotin [/U] (GNC brand)
[U]one 500 mg Niacin [/U] - reduced flush version, includes Inositol in the ingrediants (Sundown brand - bought at Wal-greens).
[U]four 500 mg Pantothenic Acid[/U] (GNC brand) - I begin with one when I started and upped it every other day till I was talking four.

I take the pills with water and food. I am also trying to eat a little more healthy by cutting back on fried foods and increasing vegtables. I try to avoid caffine because I read it robs the body of Inositol. I have read people taking as many as twenty Pantothenic Acid pill a day but that seems a little overboard. I figured if 4 grams of PA aren't giving me any improvements then bag it.

In addition to using the vitamins I also wash my face twice a day (AM & PM). I don't think there is a magic fomula to face cleansers as each person reacts differently. Use what's best for you. A combination that's done well for me is:

- Ponds exfoliating cleansing towelettes (use to wipe off dirt)
- rinse face with warm water (or take shower without using soap on face)
- M.D. Forte I facial cleanser
- benzoyl peroxide 2.5% on any blemishes (neutragena)
- wait 5-10 minutes for BP to absorb and apply lotion (I use Purpose with sunscreen or M.D. Forte with suncreen and Zinc oxide)

Like I said I am only in my second week of this routine but I was amazed at the decrease in oil on my face and the improvement of my complexion (only had one cyst so far!!). It took about a week before I started seeing the cutback in facial oil. I will keep everyone posted as to the long term success of this routine. :)

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