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Ladybr i have acne mostly on my chin,they are the kind that turn really red and swell up.It takes at least a few wks to months for it to disappear completely.Usually bout the time ones going away another pops out.Since being on the differin i have more cystic pimples.Where i used to get 1 or 2 every couple months ,i now have 5,the swelling has gone down on all 5 and now they all have scabs on them.I did have other ones awhile back but they healed rather nicely except for the red spots.Im commited to going thru with this till i see improvement.I know its still early to see a big improvement but im willing to wait.I have a derm appt the 2nd of july ,so we'll see what the derm has to say.Seems like most every topical acne treatment ,ppl go thru an intiail breakout before seeing improvement.I wonder about the ppl who claim that they used it and it didnt work for them.Maybe they didnt use it long enough ,or they got turned off by it because of the initial breakout.I get the worse kind of acne you can get ,the cystic kind.If it does work for me ,it will make me wonder about those who claimed to have used it and it didnt work for them.I am also on an antibiotic called doxycycline.As of this moment i dont see any new ones and when i touch my face im not feeling sore anywhere.Hopefully i might be getting past the initial breakout.I know one thing ,you have to be patient and do the treatment exactly like the derm says,before you can say it doesnt work.I know alot of ppl are in a rush to get rid of acne,but i am willing to wait to see if it works for me.I put a thin layer of the differin gel on every night before i go to bed after washing my face.So we'll see.I'll keep reporting in from time to time to let everyone know how its going.Hope you will do the same.Take care.

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