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Hi clever,

So far I have been using extra virgin olive oil on my face. It's working great and I never would have beleived it would in a million years.

I have an oily (all over) look all day and usually have to try hard to make my face as matte as possible. I have used oil free mattifying moisturizers which never help. I have tried not using moisturizers and that doesn't work either. I use to take B5 like most on this board and have tried everything under the sun. I constantly research and become my own guiene pig. You name it I probably have done it. I can say that your herbalist is giving you oil because your skin is lacking moisture and it's causing you to produce more sebum in result. Moisturizers don't cut it for people like us. I swear I have tried them all and either they dry me out or make me look like a slime ball. I'm also wearing mineral makeup instead of the over the counter stuff. There are tons of benefits to wearing mineral makeup. I don't know if your male or female so I won't go into all that. The oil your herbalist gave you will penatrate your skin well. What oils are in that formula? I'm waiting for my Walnut oil to come in the mail that I ordered. It's supposed to be one of the best. [[I] removed[/I] ] I'll just say that so far my skin has looked so good this past week (I'm still new with this). I have no acne right now and my face has a nice even tone to it.

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