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i just got a nose beed right now. Ah well. my face is clearing up im not using any topicals anymore. and my skin is finally smooth. Just those chapped lips!!! But for some reason when i sweat i start itching!!!!
[QUOTE=DiselPower4]i just got a nose beed right now. Ah well. my face is clearing up im not using any topicals anymore. and my skin is finally smooth. Just those chapped lips!!! But for some reason when i sweat i start itching!!!![/QUOTE]

I noticed that when I sweat during exercise, I start itching too. I'm attributing it to accutane since that's never happened to me before.
Is there anything I can put in my hair to moisturize my dry, itchy scalp? I've been using different types of conditioners and infusium 23 and that makes my hair better but does nothing for my scalp.[/QUOTE]

Aveda has a shampoo line called "Scalp Benefits" and it's really good. My brother did a course of Accutane and his scalp got really dry, but he got the shampoo and treatment called "scalp remedy" and it really helped his flaking and itching. He didn't try the conditioner, so I can't recommend that. The Scalp Remedy stuff can be sort of messy, but you get one of those hair dye bottles with the pointed tip, you can apply it just to your scalp. Less mess that way and you waste less by just applying it to the scalp. You can get an empty dye bottle at Sally Beauty Supply for under three bucks. If you don't have a Sally's check the local drugstore for one.

I just took my first pill of Accutane today, so I'm hoping that I'll have as good of results as my younger brother did. He looks awesome! I'm genuinely happy for him, but jealous at the same time. He's been off of it for nearly two years and still is gorgeous. Good luck to all of you! :)
Just started my 5th month on Sunday and I've noticed quite an improvement in dryness. My lips are barely peeling anymore, the inside of my nose isn't dry so I don't have to use the vaseline anymore (lol), and my arms have stopped itching. I still have slightly dry eyes when I wear my contacts but I just put a couple drops of rewetting solution in each eye and I'm good to go.
Hi Everyone,

I just started on Accutane about 3 1/2 weeks back and stumbled onto this forum today. It's certainly comforting to be sharing this with others who are going through the same thing.

A brief history- I'm in my mid 20's. Suddenly since last yr, my skin started to deteriorate. Then this yr things got worse. I went on doxycycline earlier this year which cleared my face up beautifully but after 2 weeks I started to get intense itching and some rashes so I stopped. My face got much worse. This happened twice. Then my face just exploded. I am not covered in acne, and I've seen worse but I have huge cysts on my forehead.

I changed dermatologists and the new one looked at me and said Accutane! I was very apprehensive about taking it at first.

It's week 3 for me now and my cysts are not as many on my forehead. Right now, just 2 active ones. However I have a million little flesh colored bumps all over the lower part of my face. This was there before accutane too but I thought by now maybe they'd start to show signs of diminishing. So far none. Anyone else have this problem and can share their experience?

Not much side effects other than skin dryness and around the mouth and lips. I've had kinda dry lips always so this isn't too hard to tackle.

My only concern is that after reading some of your posts, all of you started off with low dosages. My doc started me on alternating days of 80mg and 40mg. And I barely weigh a 100 lbs!!!
Hi everyone,

Congrats, Kyle, on soon being done with accutane. :) I've been off for 3 months today and am happy to say I have been doing really well. The only troublesome spot on my face is my neverending cyst which I'm finally getting something done about it tomorrow. I cannot wait.

I did notice that my scalp has become very, very dry, though, and is itching a lot. Not sure if this is due to accutane because I had this problem before. I just can't remember if it was this annoying before. Anyway, good luck to all of you who are finishing up accutane (or just starting). :)
I'm on day 5 and I'm starting to notice the drying effects. I have very sensitive skin which was already kind of dry so now I'm itching even more. I'm using lotion on my body and lots of moisturizer on my face. That seems to help. All this aside from the given dry lips that I was expecting...

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