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one more question i forgot to ask my derm.... can i drink alcohal wen on it

hopefully going to get it tomarow if my blood work comes back fine
Has anyone noticed a raspier voice while on Accutane? I'm a singer and I noticed that I now have a harder time controlling my voice. My mom wants me off of it because I have my musical theatre college auditions next month, which pretty much decides my future, but I can't go back to the way I used to be.

Has anyone found things that help? I now have a humidifier in my room to make it more damp, a personal one to breathe in water vapor, I take Mucinex which helps stimulte saliva production, and I've lowered my asthma and allergy medicine doses because those also have a drying effect. I only drink water now, too. And a lot of it.

Is there anything else I could be doing? I might have to start doing Accutane every other day because the lost control of my voice is getting out of hand. My speaking voice is also always raspy.

I would just go off Accutane because my facial Accutane is non-existent and I could just continue hiding the body acne, which is the reason I'm on Accutane, but unfortunately my mom decided to take the entire family on a Caribean cruise in January and I will NOT go if my chest acne persists.

So, anyone have any advice on my voice?
my dermatologist told me that drinking alcohol has no affect while on accutane. She said that the only time you cannot drink is the night before blood tests. Something about alcohol increases triglycerides and that will show up in the results. Not too farmiliar with what she was talking about, I was just excited that I can drink on accutane considering I will be on it in the summer. However, I am going to keep my drinking to a minimum.
yeah I heard a lot of people saying that you can't drink on it but my derm told me other wise. I will ask her again to make sure, and I will tell her that it says on the package not to drink alcohol.

I was prescribed 80mg/day to start....isnt this high? Everyone else that I have read started on 40 a day. I'm going to start out taking 2 40mg pills a day, and to tell u the truth im scared as ****. I do not want to breakout too much, and I heard so much about the initial breakout. How long does the initial breakout generally last?

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