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hey, just wanted to say Accutane is awesome!! I started last July-Dec. So i have been off of it for 6 mo. now. For side effects, dry skin, lips and a rash on the back of my hands, some joint pain. and CLEAR SKIN.
I read on the instructions that accutane is a fat soluble. So when I took it I drank whole milk with it.
I looked sooo bad, i looked like a monster. Now I am beautiful.

oh yea and i totally changed my diet at the time, now i eat lots of fruit and veggies, drink lots of water, and take vitamins.

My skin is oily now, but its normal oily, not anything near like before to fuel those cysts. If i get a little blemish, its the size if a needlepoint. and it was prob. because i was sweating or something.

I use Mary Kay Deep Cleanser 3 , Burt's bees tomato soap /toner. Proactiv, Neurtogena clear pore mask/cleanser and queen helene mint julip mask

Melissa :wave:
[QUOTE=boardR2]No im not cured yet. Today is day 53. I have three active pimples. One on my nose and one on each sides of my jawline. Before accutane I would get horrible cysts everywhere. At one time my jawlines had a total of 16. My forehead was riddled with large painful nodules. My face would get oily after 30mins from bathing. Now my face is near acne and oil free. Accutane is by far the greatist acne medicine out there. My diet sucks I eat what I want. I mean I don't just eat crap food I have fruits a veggies too. Just not a fully balanced meal each time you know. I do work out but nothing major. May face still has many many marks on it from previous pimples and cysts. Those will die down here in the next few months.[/QUOTE]

cool ... thanks for the information. hopefully things will look up for me too ... i eat pretty healthy ... work out regularly .... but i do drink socially ... probably on average of 1x every two weeks ... .not heavy though because im not a beer drinker ... just a couple of mixed drinks ... vodka and seven. i know i should stop and i will drink less and less until i do stop.

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