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[QUOTE=JJ73]Boston, Disel, or others -

How long was it before you starting seeing clear results on Accutane? I just finished my 10th day (I skipped one day which I think was o.k. I had a bad headache and I wasn't sure if it was the Accutane, or the stress at work. I think it was work, because I haven't had one since). I am having the initial breakout, and was wondering about when I could expect this to start getting better. My derm only told me "a couple of weeks". Boston, I think you said you didn't have an initial breakout... but I'm wondering when you started noticing good results.

Oh yeah... Boston I think I read on another post that you still had your eyebrows waxed while on Accutane? How bad was it? My skin is so sensitive, but I really need an eyebrow wax! I am afraid it will really hurt...or burn the skin.

Thanks !![/QUOTE]

Hi JJ73,

That's right, I didn't have an initial breakout but I didn't see a real big change until about the beginning of the second month. During the first month is when the blackheads in my nose and cheek areas started coming out and my face was so disgustingly oily, much worse than usual. I could see my shiny reflection in the glass around my cubicle at work and it was pretty embarassing how oily my face was. Gradually, it got better and now my face is dry and normal. I do have to moisturize in the morning and night which I've never had to do before.

As for the waxing, the first time I went back after starting accutane was interesting. I was pretty scared because I knew it was something I shouldn't be doing but I can't go without waxing. I have extremely sensitive skin, like you said you have. When I got back home, the skin between my eyelids and brows were swollen beyond belief and they were so red. I immediately put ice on them and that took the swelling down a bit. It was swollen for about 2 days but not too noticiable. Of course, I was focused on them. :) This past Thursday I got them waxed again and there was no swelling problem. The second I got home, I put some preparation H on them to counteract any swelling and it worked wonders.

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