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I'm going on day 10 also on Differin!!! I know and you know that it works because the initial flare which seemed to begin after 4 days of treatment is horrible. I'm also in the hiding stage of the treatment and it's hard enough to do groceries out there in public!

The same exact thing happened when I was on Tazorac but there was a lot of redness and excessive peeling to go along with that which is why I stopped using it after I was clear hoping it wouldn't come back. Sooooo, after about a year it did come back slowly and decided to give Differin a try because I've heard it's milder and keeps people from stopping therapy after the condition has cleared. I'm very pleased with the results (minus the initial flare - but proof it's working) but just remember this.... It takes months for a lesion to form to the point that you see it a pimple.. it begins with the pore clogging overtime, getting irritated by the trapped bacteria and then what we call a damn pimple. So, your skin is purging itself and it really sucks... But, with retinoids after a few months and even years your skin will appear so healthy and clean looking when the marks fade. One big BONUS I have noticed after day 8 is that there were no new ones forming. They all seemed to come out at once and it was like they were coming even within hours. But, it's been a few days since anything has formed. I'm relieved to know that the skin is kind of done purging! But, I have the red marks that seem to be highlighted with this treatment.. But, I know they will fade overtime.

Did you notice your skin really oily during the first 4-5 days? I thought the medication might have been making my pores overactive but it stopped so I would conclude that was due to oil (before hardening and clogging pores) was being allowed to move freely out of the pores due to the increased cell rejuvenation during the beginning of treatment. I also noticed a distinct 'sulphur' smell coming from my skin when I put warm-hot water on face before washing during those first few oily days of treatment. It's a HUGE sign!!! Gross, but awesome!!!!

As much as people seem to knock Differin... I'm a strong believer. It may not work for everyone but it gets acne at it's beginning stages.. No antibacterial (what about people that live normal lives without having to bleach there faces with BP?) Think about it, it's common sense... If you read, scientifically, retinoid therapy gets it at it's source. Our DISORDER of pore skin lining cells incorrectly renewing themselves and building up with the oil. God I'm the most intelligent human being in the planet (sarcasm!) hehehe... All the BS going around about diet, about not touching your face, about taking excessive vitamins... Proactive!!! Sipping on margaritas in their mansions. All that... Just throw it out of your mind... What about people with poor diet, who touch their faces all the time? That seem to live life BORN with perfect skin? Exactly, BORN. We have a disorder and that's all it is, we have to learn to control it. So, for MY acne condition, which could be classified between mild and moderate, Retinoid therapy is the bomb. Major bonus also includes the real soft feeling your skin gets during treatment. The areas that I apply that don't have acne seems so healthy it's unreal to touch. Love it...

My experiences have shown 10% benzoyl peroxide is excellent for surface acne (whiteheads, blackheads) but doesn't do sweet nothing for the smaller to larger cystic acne. I used it for years. Also, scrubbing your face with an exfoliant only seems to treat the same thing (surface acne) if not aggravate it and make it worse. You're somehow scraping the skin off with those 'small round microscrubbers' but need to realize a pore isn't shallow. It's deep and it's impossible to scrub away or disinfect the dead skin inside the hair follicle lining. They're excellent to kind of 'brush' dead skin from the surface to reveal healthy looking skin and that's all. Oh yeah and prevent mild surface acne. I don't know about you but surface acne isn't my main concern.. It's those big ones that are highlighted red and stick out much more than a little blackhead or whitehead that are developed deeper then the skins surface. I've read so much about this condition and just use common sense to gather information I think is relevant.

I really hope this helps and at least brings one person (mild to moderate) to try this product... Just stick with it. I'm in no way saying that this will work for everyone. Just like differences in life.... there are many different cases of acne from extremely mild and not worth even mentioning to very severe which my heart goes out completely to those people and know how you must feel. But, I've learned to scrap a lot of BS information and just try to stick to the root cause for treatments.

Sooooo.... Anyhow, take care ;->

Shawn (27yrs)

P.S. Please ask me anything, I'm more than happy to share experiences I have had with this condition.

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