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Hey all,
I am thinking about getting on the pill to see if it will clear up my acne.
I am 26 and totally out of nowhere in March of this year, my skin breaks out, all over my face. My skin is itchy from time to time and sometimes feels irritated by different cleansers I've tried. My skin is oily to begin with, but I never had breakouts like this. I now get cysts (at least 4 to 6 of them at once) and I've tried Proactive, bought Neutrogena Rapid Clear, moved from just regular anti-bacterial Dial bar soap, and now trying Oil of Olay gentle cleanser which is oil free. I am tired of buying all these Over the counter products and not getting much results.
I went to the doctor back in April and all she could tell me is that it is a mixture of hormone changes and the exposure and reaction to the sun and to stay completely out of the sun. Yeah right! I live in Arizona. She prescribed me Tazarac cream which is expensive (even with insurance) and I never did go buy it because she said that using the cream would make my face worst before it gets better and if I were to expose my skin to the sun, it would get really bad. So what am I supposed to do? Cover my whole face each and everytime I go to and from work, to the store, anywhere?? Move to Antartica? Sorry for venting but it does help.
So I've been reading up on these forums that most of you are getting away from the OTC and switching to the Yasmin BCP. Is this the pill that I should start off with?
Sometimes I do feel like my face reactions are an allergy, but I can't be too sure. I only say this because sometimes my face tingles and itches. I am a make up user also. I stopped using foundation (I usually do in the summer) I just use Cover Girl face powder to help with how bad I shine. I've used it for years. :confused: Just a little confused at times, because I don't know if I have acne, an allergy, or make up is started to react badly with my skin (after all these years of using it).
Sorry for the book, but any comments or suggestions would be most helpful.
Thanks :wave:

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