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Hey guys!
I posted something about this a while ago, some others did before me too!

YES in SOME people acne CAN be aggravated by masturbation.
I don't know why scientists DENY the correlation between the two, it really pisses me off, it's really obvious.

sex hormones(androgens mainly) are known to accelerate sebum production, right? this is a fact... :D

Now when you have sex/masturbate what happens is that your body releases those hormones, those hormones will increase sebum production and bang! your skin becomes prone to acne.

Anyway I've done zillions of tests about this, if you're acne is mainly aggravated by masturbation, then do the following:

Take Vitamin B5, don't megadose just take about 2-3grams a day(or whatever amount that decreases your oil)
Use a gentle cleanser for your face, (wash three times a day if you've masturbated recently)
Benzoyl peroxide TWICE a day
and a moisturizer/exfoliant. apply twice a day as well.

This way, the B5 will reduce the oil production, the cleanser will keep your pores as clean as possible and unclogged, the benzoyl will slaughter the bacteria and the moisturizer is needed to get rid of the dryness caused by the BP.

exfoliation is necessary in order to remove dead cells and stuff like that.

Also you might need to cut down your masturbation sessions to something like 1-3 a week.

If this is your problem, you'll eventually grow out of it, my acne was REALLY bad when I was in the beginning of my 18s. now it's better, I still breakout every now and then though. :)

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