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Hi everyone,

I've had adult acne for many years. I tried everything, antibiotics, two courses of accutane, aldactone. I got cortisones injections for cysts every few weeks. Finally, it calmed down. I still had closed comodones and some milia, but I would keep it at bay with extractions and facials.

Recently I had laser hair removal on my face and though it's rare, it reactivated my acne. My doctor says that when the hair was growing back it clogged up the follicles. About two weeks ago I went on a low does of accutane to clear it up but I had a terrible reaction...hives and really bad stomach pain, so now that's out of the picture. I've tried all the topicals, and differin, retin a and tazorac don't work well for me. I've got a lot of millia on my face and whenyou feel the skin you can feel the tiny bumps underneath. Can anyone suggest anything for me please???? Even a great doctor in LA or something holistic or a combination that's worked?

I just stumbled on these boards recently and from what I've read it seems that many of you have a tremendous amount of knowledge and I'm very impressed by that. Any suggestions would be great. I'm sure you all know how this constant struggle with your skin cfan be!

THen on top of that, the recent breakouts have left me with some pitted scarring. I have dark skin so lasers and drmabrasion aren't really an option, especially in light of the problems I had with the hair laser. The scarring is AWFUL and I need to do something to get rid of it. Please let me know if there's any suggestions in this department also.

Thanks much!!!!

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