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Awww sweetie, I wish I could give you a hug. If this is really an allergic reaction, feel better knowing that it will probably go away quite fast as soon as you figure out what you are allergic to! I agree with you being skeptical that it is the cream or the new makeup, because to me, 2 weeks is an awfully long time for an allergy to just pop up like that. When I get new products from my derm, they always call me within 2 days to see if I'm reacting okay. You'd think if you were truly allergic to something, your skin wouldn't like it the first few times you used it right? I would bet more on it being something you ate, but that's just me! Did you recently stop using antibiotics or any other med? When I went off my antibiotic a couple years ago, within the first week I got this weird bumpy rash all along my hairline from ear to ear, it wasn't pimples either it was just... I don't even know, much more rash-like. But it went away within a week after that... very strange.

I know you took some allergy medicine, but maybe try a topical allergy cream or skin irritant cream? I have Benadryl in ointment form that says it's for skin irritations. The aloe should also help! Hang in there!

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