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i honestly dont know.. i was on the OTC Lo for about two months and had this awful dizzy spell (the room was spinning and i couldnt sleep, or do anything!) which i attributed to the OTC lo and stopped.. i remember (through my hubby's recollection!) that i was plenty moody on the otc lo, too..

the otc isnt working at all? i remember my first gyn appointment years ago the woman said (ill never forget it!) 'and i can give you pill that will help with your skin, too..' i didnt even know my skin was bad; i was oblivios.. i see in my passport photo, taken a few months after that, my skin looked fine.. WHY EVER DID I STOP TAKING IT?! just didnt think i needed it anymore..

i am fairly interested in both yasmin and diane 35, but yasmin has not been approved for acne yet, and diane 35 has.. at least in america..

sorry i couldnt be more help.. also, calcium interferes with doxy absorption.. not sure if it interferes with other anti.s..

my skin regimine is: wash with warm, clean washcloth 2x per day; splash with warm water throughout the day when needed; almond oil with added 10% (per volume)castor oil b4 bed applied with cotton(sometimes i skip it.. it helps keep skin looking bright, and keeps it from overproducing oil.. almond oil doesnt clog pores.. an alternate way to do this is swipe the oil over the face with cotton, not more than 5 drops.. then warm the wash cloth, squeeze the water out and hold it gently over the face for 60 seconds.. it helps remove the excess and the warmth is very soothing!) and sometimes i use 3% hydrogen peroxide on the pimples.. i get little red ones which turn into white heads in the course of 24-48 hours, so once they do that, i use a warm washcloth press to open the pores and gently dab the peroxide onto the spot for about 30 seconds.. not like magic but it keeps the wound clean and kills the p. acnes bacteria..

my brother has been on doxy for a year and has perfect skin.. he reccomended not using soap, over the counter acne creams etc about two weeks ago to me.. since then, my skin is the same with or without the harsh soaps as far as acne coverage, and a BUNCH less oily..

good luck to both of you..

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