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I have heard alot of people on this board complain about pauls's bp products so I have stayed away from those. However, I do use her foundations and concealers. I started with the best face foward foundations for regular skin then she came out with some for combo skin. I love them-great colors but the combo one is a bit watery yet still good. I also use her beta hydroxy products, they have helped my skin.. I did get the alph hydroxy but it irrirated my skin-but I think thats me. I havent tried her cleansers-I do have her antioxidant serum, which i love, and anti irritant lotion whichh helps with redness from time to time. I also have some of her blushes and her lip gloss is great! Also the oil absorbing papers are the best you can get in my opinion, they dont leave weird colored powder on your face and they really dont disturb makeup. Overall-I would say her beta and alpha hydroxy products are prob some of best out there, and althought you caan get similiar and good foundations, paula puts sunscreen in hers and you will never get a bad color ..they have excellent customer service as well and will send you free samples if you email them first.
I have just started taking the b5 myself- I have the acne miracle brand but honestly, I went out and bought twin lab 200mg capsules cuz i just couldnt take the taste of the miracle powder. I bought the 200mg cuz they have the smallest capsules therefore the easiest to swallow. but im going to go back and buy some 550mg caps today. I really dont know if it is easier to digest capsules or tablets but I do know powder/liquid forms are best. Im also taking zinc. I think it doesnt matter too much which powder brand you use, i would go with the one least expensive if i were you. in the store-solgar and twinlab are good-and some of more expensive ones like country life are too but these tend to be very pricey.

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