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hey everyone

im so glad to have found this discussion board. i think i've been a little bit in denial about my skin problems-but right now its the worst its ever been and im asking for help. please bear with me...

i believe that my problem is both genetic and hormonal. i struggled with very mild acne from my teenage years onward, except for when i was on the pill (ortho) for a while during which time my skin was absolutely perfect (but i gained 15 pounds). there is also acne in my family-one of my aunts had really bad adult acne from which she is scarred to this day. im afraid that that is my destiny also. i'm 25 now and i don't remember my skin ever looking like this before. i have little skin colored bumps all over my cheeks. they make my skin look rough, and eventually turn, one by one, into large red pimples which take forever to go away and leave scars. i feel like i've tried everything(expensive products, facials, etc). recently i went to see a dermatologist, who looked at my face for about 2 minutes, barely talked to me at all, and then tossed some doxycycline at me. i've been taking that for 2 weeks and my skin has gotten worse. i really dont want to take antibiotics for this anyway because i know that they are not a cure and eventually stop working. i'd go back on the pill, but only as a LAST result. i've done a lot of research on various products, and i just hoped that someone could answer my questions...

1-can anyone vouch for the paula's choice products? i've been to her website and i like her message. also the fact that the products are not super expensive. has anyone had success with her stuff?

2-i've read a bit on this forum about B5 supplements. Can someone tell me about that in some more detail? i believe that i need to treat this from inside and out.

anyway, thanks so much for taking the time to read all this. its good to know that others are struggling too, because none of my pretty friends are! i want to go out in the daylight again without being overly concious of my face. most people have no idea how painful this condition can be.

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