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I kind of feel like outgrowing acne very soon. I'm 24 soon & it's normal stage in the majority I think.
I feel so sorry for those still struggle with acne. It's a long long battle for me & u & I finally won :angel: and so do u . Sometimes , when I see people on the street with serious acne but he/she is supposed to have grown out of it.I really wish to approach him/her to tell my experience.
I still remember the days I often came to the board to search for so-called "miracles" . OF COURSE NONE OF THEM GUARANTEE WORKED. You can take advice only . some are really useful !

For me , what's the definition of "outgrow acne" ? I ocassionally have pimples if I eat too much fried food(generally unhealthy food) or too little sleep . so ....growing acne, I think,just I's a kind of "body reaction" to those ...........xxxxx (i don;t know how to say) to detox the digestive system or blah......blah..... Just like u develope symptoms like coughing or sneezing with cold/flu. You need to take time for a rest.
Just a few simple steps I can control my acne to very minimum or even none.I will consider "outgrow acne". What about u ? Can u share with me ?

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