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Food wise, you should focus on a diet of various fresh veggies (green ones), fish/chicken/tofu, nuts, seeds, little fruit and whole grains (wild rice, barley, quinoa). Cut out all the crap - the white bread, cakes, bagels, pasta and avoid dairy and pasta (except for live yogurt and cottage cheese) and wheat.

The reason to avoid wheat is because - just like sugars - it wrecks havoc on the intestinal flora which is believed to exacerbate skin conditions.

Also, don't cut out fat - just have good fats ie nuts, avocado, flax seed oil.

Topically, you should really try glycolic acid, it sloughs the top layer of the skin that mixes with oil to create pimples and also reduces the surface oil. Benzoyl peroxide is good too for pimples but make sure to patch test as many are very allergic. Use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer such as Purpose or Simple.

If you do a search you can find a lot of info on the anti-inflammatory diet (acne/skin disorders are considered by some anti- inflammatory diseases) that will give you some ideas.

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