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Thanks Sky. Yes, I'm so excited. I think that it will give my life new meaning and that I'll be better able to deal with my acne when I have a baby to worry about. I suppose that it is possible that your hormonal balance can change after pregnancy and that my acne won't come back, but I was pregnant once before for a few months (clear for those months) and it came back after that. But, I will let you know in a couple of months. With the last pregnancy, my skin did not get really bad until about a month after.

Anyway, your acne that you describe sounds like it may be something other than acne. Maybe it is some other kind of skin irritation caused by an allergy or hormones. Maybe it will be easier to get rid of than acne when you find out what it is. My acne has always been pretty typical - whiteheads, red bumps and cysts - yuk. They always come to a head, even if I have to wait for several days or weeks.

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