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I hope this helps,

about two months ago, i had a bad outbreak too around my nose, after i went swimming in a pool (wierd how the pool water made me break out...this pool didn't have chlorine but something else, which i think did it...but not sure). On the part between the side and the bridge formed a red/elevated mark/bubble like thing's been about 1 and a half month...and it's finally getting better, for a while i thought it wouldn't ever go i guess hopefully it will cheer you up that this kind of thing will be going away...basically it goes away as the skin above it goes away and away...if you apply a exfoliant...or whatever, it will go away with time...

The key is not to get anymore pimples there again ever...which might be hard....but doable w/ the right stuff... [QUOTE=Black-Hole-Sun]During the second semester of school last year, I had the most massive pimple I've ever had in my [b]life[/b], on the tip of my *********** [b]nose[/b]. Not only did it last over a month, but taking the sage-like advice of my mother, I constantly kept re-opening and bothering it, and now, well over a month after it's 'gone', I have a nice, semi-bright little red circle on the end of my nose. The tissue seems 'softer' than the rest of my nose, and this pretty much kills my self-image, even if the rest of my face is clear.

So what? Am I doomed to be anti-social till I can somehow get this removed?

Edit: Please don't respond with 'Get over it', or ways to get over it, as I'm not asking for advice on how to emotionally handle it, I'm asking for things to eat, apply to my nose, [B]DO[/B], whatever, that don't involve surgery.[/QUOTE]

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