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I have you all beat, I've used proactiv for 7 years. I bought it off of an infomercial when I was 41. After years of acne and dermatologists and tons of over the counter remedies, it got worse every year (up until I was 18 I had flawless skin) and was causing scarring everywhere on my face.
Within a few days, my acne was better, within a few weeks people were asking me if I'd had a vacation! It actually made my skin look younger, probably because of the exfoliating action.
However, and I have contacted proactiv about this part, during the last 2 years it seemed to not work as well, but I realized that it also used to ruin my towels all the time, and my robes, and pajamas, etc., with the bleaching action of either the toner or the cream, however, I figured it was worth the damage to those items because it because it worked so incredibly well. No more bleaching action on my stuff. So they must have changed something to make it maybe a little milder. Which really ticks me off. But it still works better than anything I have EVER tried.
So my advice is use it, make it a habit, keep doing it, twice a day come hell or high water and you will be pleased. A side note is my 25 year old daughter got a very bad case chicken pox a few months ago and scratched some of the pox on her face, which left her with some very red scarring on her cheeks and forehead.
I gave her some proactiv to use so she would at least feel like she was doing something about it. I didn't think it would really help. The redness went away COMPLETELY within a couple of days. It was amazing!
Hey, they should pay me for this huh?

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