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Ive been suffering this for the last two days, its either an ingrown hair i have and or a zit groing inside my nosrtil. I do not normally get any acne unless im extremly stressed (as i have been recently) but i did have allergies all last week as if they were not annoying enough now i have this to deal with and i'd say i'd rather just have my allergies back!!!. Im guessing from rubbing my nose stuffing it with kleenx etc,,,is how this came about, it was fairly mild at firt and a few tylenols helped then i either took to many or this thing is just taken me over completley.
Lastnight i woke up many times almost in tears because of this thing in my nose, everytime i would bump it i woke up in severe pain. Well tonight when i went to bed it was killing me!! took a sleeping pill which helped but i only slept about an hour then woke up and its worse than ever!!
My Cures that kinda worked, seeing as almost nothing would/could give any relief. My fist thought was bring down the swelling and it may lessen the pain so i froze some wet q-tips,,, believe it or not afte rthe inital pain of just getting the q-tip in there i was surprised the pain had lessened some but this was VERY temporary, so i finally searched the web and found this place.
I read here on the web that triple antibiotic ointment would help, i didnt even know i had any but im glad i did!! I put some on a q-tip and got the inside of my nostril wet with it, i waited and writhed in pain for the next 30 mins and still no relief, i noticed i had a half of a Vicodin/hydrocodone leftand thought YES!!! but if i take it only half will not be enuff to help and i'd rather save it for tomorrow incase this still gets worse.
So i took the broken end of the pill and i crunched a very little bit of it on my desk then i rolled my triple antibiotic ointment q-tip in the powder making sure to get plenty on it but not to much that it would burn!! i crammed that up and in where it hurt and found out the further i went the more it hurt but i had no choice this is the cure!! or at least for some temporary relief!! Thank god cause i was about to go to the emergency room because the pain was so bad!! Now i understand most may not have Vicodin/hydrocodone laying around, and i usualyy dont either but a friend gave me one a week or two ago for some back pain so i got lucky i had kept half of it. I would guess that tyelneol and or some other pain killers would also work just maybe not as fast or long.
So noze zitters quit pickin!! if you want relief now then for sure use a q-tip with triple antibiotic ointment and a lil pain killer powder and maybe you can at least sleep!! which im about to go do myself!! Farewell!!


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