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i didn't realize until i read your post...most of my health problems seemed to start after accutane.

my periods were always a little irregular but after i started accutane (around the age of 25) i didn't get my period for 4 months straight. that's when my gyn did some test and i was diagnosed with PCOS. it's strange that i'm realizing only now that most of my other PCOS symptoms didn't start till after accutane either (specifically excessive facial hair and thinning head hair).

other health problems/ strange ailments since taking accutane:
-gall bladder attack
-petechaie (small red spots on legs)
-moderate teeth clenching
-weird back muscle pains

somewhat recently i wrote a post of why i regret taking accutane (see below). i think i'll make a part two of this with this new information.

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