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hey all im back from my week in Banff, Alberta.

im on DAY 15 (god...only 15 days?!) and i THINK i had my initial breakout. My face was improving nicely until one day BAM i start getting around 6-10 new zits, including one on my chin that would NOT go away, I've had it for over 2 weeks. Its fading now however. And on on the side of my mouth that kills when i try and eat, but thats healing now too. All in all my face looks pretty much like it just before I started the 'tane..pretty disapointing. But it is a lot less oily, except my nose, which isnt oily, but its really shiny for some reason. Makes me really mad...

As far as side effects go...I'm getting a few. Dry lips, but not too bad. In one spot I have a small cut where i picked some dry skin off...bad idea. Dry face, but im gonna pick up some moisturizure tommorow. Whats the best kind to get for oily/acne prone skin?

I also have a dry chest, back, and arms...and hands...jesus thats a lot for 15 days All of this dryness is to the point of peeling. Also, I have this weird rash or something just above both of my elbows, like really dry skin with little red pumps...not acne, just red bumps of some kind.

Oh and also, i've been experiencing some hairloss. Every morning i wake up theres like 10-20 hairs on my pillow. What can i do to fix this?! Arg writing down all these side effects makes me realize how many i have! And im only 15 days in!? Maybe that means the accutane is working really fast, and i'll clear up soon? Or does it just mean im getting a lot of side effects, and its just gonna get worse...?

neways, a big update, I'll probably post again in a couple days or so. Any help with my above problems would be appreciated.

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