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Hey all, first update

Day 10

My face has reaaally improved, its much less oily and I've only gotten a few small zits in the last week and a half. My lips are starting to get fairly dry, my chapstick only works ok so I think im gonna pick up some aquaphor. My face is also pretty dry, theres some peeling but not that much at all. All in all my face is the best looking its been in quite some time...but I'm expecting a breakout in the next 2 weeks. My derm said i probably wouldnt get one but I cant let my hopes get too high this early on.

Oh, one scary thing. I was at my friends house for a night, the next morning I showered and when i started drying my hair quite a few strands came out. I bet I lost about 14 or so. My hair is pretty long, and before accutane I usually lost only around 5 each morning. People with long this normal? Anyway, hopefully I just rubbed my head with the towell too hard or something, because i really dont want hair thinning.

Also, can anyone tell me how i can make the inside of my nose less dry?

All in all Im happy with my first 10 days of accutane, hopefully my side effects wont get worse. Its only 40mg pills so they cant get TOO bad...or can they?

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