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Glow -

I started taking OTC-Lo in January of this year and experienced exactly what you described in my 2nd month. I had horrible jawline acne including painful cysts deep under the skin.

If you search the archives for OTC-Lo, you will probably find the post I made back in February...I was freaking out! Although I got a lot of helpful advice and encouragement from that post, most women just told me to tough it out. So, as hard as it may be, I think that the only thing I can tell you is to try and stick it out. The chin acne you talked about is a common form of hormonal acne, but I assure you that things will gradually get better. Your hormones are just trying to balance out and adjust to this new medicine. :p

I am now finishing up my 7th month, and my skin has stayed fairly clear. I only break out occasionally around my mouth and sometimes on my forehead...which I must say is a lot better than what my skin used to be like. Even though OTC-Lo is somewhat inconsistant, I am very happy I stuck with it. :)

Are you using any topicals or taking any antibiotics? I use Duac Topical Gel at night in conjunction with the OTC-Lo and it helped me get through some of the rough "spots" (no pun intended...hehe). ;)

Also, I know this may sound retarded and like total common sense, but DO NOT PICK AT THE CYSTS! I did, and now I am just stuck with these damn acne scars on my chin and forehead!

Anyways, good luck...if you have any questions I should be checking the board more often now! :angel:

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